Get Ready For The Christmas Season

The most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner, so you better get ready and find some interior design inspirations for you to spark joy for Christmas.

How we love this season! Have you already set up your Christmas tree? It is, surely, the right way to start transforming your home to receive this season. After you finish it, browse through this list of decoration tips we gathered for you. You know you can always count with Domkapa and, better than some Christmas images, we bring you some valuable tips for you to get creative right now and to keep the decor elegant and sophisticated – you will see. After all, all I want for Christmas is… a stunning decoration. Keep reading to meet them!

  • Play with colours

When it comes to colour schemes, you can stick with the basics – such as red, white and green – or you can just keep it neutral. Christmas is also about traditions and we don’t want you to break them.

If you are a neutrals person, why not take advantage of unexpected colours? Place them and play with the colour scheme, whether they are in the furniture or even accessories.

You can also pick wrapping paper on the same colours to match your interior design. This way, you will have a cohesive design (and a stylish one too!).

  • A sustainable Christmas

Don’t waste too much money finding more and different adornments than the ones you have already in your home. We know – you already used them last year, but Christmas is just a couple of days and the main goal here is to have a pleasant time with your family.

Also, it is important not only for you (and your wallet) but also for the world a Sustainable Christmas. And sustainability starts with not spending more money in things you already have at home.

If you really need more furniture or accessories, go for sustainable brands – the ones that really value their customers and make everything they can to make a positive impact in the world. You will, not only have a better Christmas, but also you are going to give a better Christmas for its workers.

At Domkapa, we work with local suppliers and all our products are handcrafted by our beloved and highly experienced craftsmen. Also, we care to use high-quality materials at their maximum capability, avoiding waste. This way, you will have enduring upholstery in the most sustainable alternative.

  • Christmas without some sparkle is not Christmas

Have you ever seen a Christmas decor without some sparkle? We already did but, to be honest, it is not the same. Sparkle makes everything so magical and into something unmistakably Christmas. It will also add an elegant and modern feeling into your atmosphere.

Take advantage of your artsy vein and give the wow-factor to your room. You will not regret it!

  • A perfect Christmas is the one with friends and family

Yes – a perfect Christmas is the one with friends and family – so you better have a seat for each one of them. We have so much in our to-do list for Christmas that we end up forgetting about the basics.

This tip is for you not to forget about your guests and make sure you have a seat for them. If you need to, you already know that Domkapa has the best solution for you: we have several showrooms around the world, so you can find and buy an additional seat with a stylish look. Check out our showrooms list here.

  • Cosy patterns and fabrics

Sometimes, it’s the material or fabric that makes the difference in interior design. Cosiness and comfort cannot only be found in the upholstery’s foam but also in its materials. This way, you will have something that looks comfortable for the eye and comfortable to the touch – a multisensorial experience that you want to share with your guests.

At Domkapa’s selection of fabrics, you will find bouclé – one of the most trending fabrics in the upholstery world. Created in 1940, the French type of fabric Bouclé is now back for a chic impression. It is soft and timeless, its texture will add character to your space and will guarantee you richness.

Explore all fabrics in your Materials page here; or dare yourself to order a sample box.

Comfort and convenience are the best characteristics that you can place in your home decor, especially during Christmas season. If you follow these ideas, you will have all the conditions to impress your guests and to enjoy this tree-mendously heart-warming time of the year while Mariah Carey takes over the stage and start the show.

We would love to see your Christmas decor! Send us your picture through the e-mail [email protected].


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