Halloween: Get Ready For The Spooky Season

The spookiest day of the year is coming! Let’s creep it real: even if you want a home decor that is timeless, you also need to allow yourself to go with the flow sometimes. Halloween is one of the best seasons to do it, so we decided to bring you some ideas for you to style your home to receive this spooktacular day!

The better way to show off your personal style is to select some fa-boo-lous furniture, don’t you agree? However, there’s a fine border between stylish and cheesy so you need to be careful with this process.

Something that we just love about Halloween is enjoying a scary movie along with friends and popcorn. For this reason, Shinto Sofa is perfect for this kind of festivities because of its modular system and fine lines.

Three modular options – chair, chair with chaise longue and pouf – provide you the ability to build your own sofa, even if your living room is too small. Conceived for functionality and comfort, Shinto Sofa‘s design empowers every home decor and works as a green light for every season. It will lift your spirits!

The Hallow-queen reward goes for Miller Armchair. What a one-of-a-kind piece!

Its square shapes and soft curves enable a sense of glamour while the padded structure gives the comfort we all look for when decorating our home or even when we start an interior design project, right? Best of all: you can mix and match different materials to obtain the result you want – as you can always expect from Domkapa’s collection.

When it comes to eating, drinking and being scary, Stranger Chair will do wonders for you. After all, we are sure that you don’t know any other chair with such a peculiar shape as this one, right?

The robust black texturized steel tubes of the structure contrast with the delicate upholstered seat, backrest and armrest for the perfect style while it features small details so you can combine a sophisticated atmosphere ensuring an extra comfortable seating experience. Bone Appetit!

When it comes to decorative accessories, there’s no need to spend to much money and time finding the perfect pieces. Halloween is exactly the perfect season to be messy and, above all, to be scary. Here are a few ideas of how you can place the perfect setting for the Halloween:

  • Spooky candles

A haunted house decor yells for spooky dark candles, don’t you agree? Cosmopolitan launched an article with the best candles for this trick-or-treat season. Check it out: 25 Scary-Chic Halloween Candles You’ll Want to Burn All Year Round

  • Ceramic pumpkins

Ceramic pumpkins are simple but sophisticated, being one of the perfect accessories to pick for your scary home decor while ensuring a fancy touch. Take a look at this one we found at Target: Medium Ceramic Stoneware Pumpkin

  • Black tableware

Black is always a good choice as it gives you charisma but also a mysterious mood. That’s right: Halloween is not only about the orange tones; you can also add black and other bold and dark colours for a scary infusion.

Crate & Barrel can give you some options here: Black Dinnerware.

  • Skeleton hands

Why not skeleton hands for a dramatic flair? Home decor is all about the small details – they can and will make a difference in your room, and this accessory will allow you to develop a scare. Check out Walmart’s suggestions: Skeleton Hands

Also, if you have large decorations, why don’t you keep them outside? This way, you will be effective in maintaining the Halloween spirit and the timeless interior design.

At this time, with all these upholstery and decorative items, a scare is born and we are dying to see you having fun! Share with us your must-haves for your Halloween decoration, we would love to see them!

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