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How To Pick The Right Bar Chair For Your Design

Let’s face it: the chair always takes the main character of every kind of spaces, don’t you agree? This happens especially in a bar design – if you don’t have chairs, it can be a point of failure.

Bar chairs have the ability to set the mood of the space, and it can be a preponderant point to define the tone of the bar’s image. Picking the right pieces is an easy job, but you need to take it seriously and the right mindset.

Domkapa gathered a few imperative points that you should have in mind for your upcoming interior design project. Let’s look:

1. Quality

Don’t listen to those who think that it is okay to buy a cheap chair without caring about its quality. Imagine that you have customer entering in your bar, sits in your chair and it breaks down. How would that made him feel? What would you think that the surrounding people would think after they’ve seen that? A reputation of a space is truly important and can be damaged easily, so you better think through about the quality of what you offer to your public, whether we are talking about drinks or where they sit on.

A chair with quality is made with real materials and finishes and, during its design process, it is tested. And to be honest, if the brand you work with doesn’t show you its production process, you better find another one that does it. A brand that produces its products in the right way with the right materials, doesn’t have to hide how their production works.

If you are interested in a brand that you can only find online, you can request samples or even a sample box, to check the materials’ quality and how you can combine them. If you are considering fabrics, don’t forget their martindale.

There are a lot of factors that affect the piece’s quality so make sure that you work with a brand that is transparent from the beginning to the end of the production process. And keep in mind that purchasing good furniture will make you save money in the future, as the pieces will be enduring.

2. Comfort

Since our first days in the business, we exchange insights and different perspectives with our customers every day. And one of the main characteristics they think that influences their clients’ lifestyle is the experience of the seating.

The comfort starts in the first moment you sit on a chair. Consider different kinds of foams and try them and you will start realizing which ones are the best for your bar.

Remember: you want your customers to feel comfortable in your company.

3. Style

Your chair should match the overall decoration and you can use it as a point of attraction of more customers. Pick something that you would feel comfortable on, to have a pleasure time with your friends and family.

A good decoration will motivate your customers to be back.

4. Practicality

A bar design should have chairs that are practical and lightweight, as they require good mobility, so your guests can move them easily. This will allow you to change the disposal of your space whenever you need without efforts.

Being rotary, can also be an advantage, as you will save space whenever you leave the chair, for example, as you won’t need to move it.

Small things will make a huge difference in the bar design and they can be evaluated according to your space, your design and the type of clients you want to receive.

5. Ergonomics

And, of course, keep in mind the ergonomics of the bar chair. The following video will show you how an ergonomic bar design can create maximum bar profitability, check it out:

Considering all these aspects, Carter Bar & Counter Chairs will do wonders in your interior design project.

Carter bar & counter chair echoes an authentic trait of contemporary design blended with the essence of traditional lines that, together, will assure elegance and sophistication. This upholstered chair has double-top stitching dividing its back for a timeless look while its solid wood structure relays an exclusive feel, perfect for residential or commercial interiors.

Available in a chair version, Carter is a distinguished piece for a versatile, classic appearance.

Have you already designed a bar? We would love to know all the aspects you considered to make it look perfect, so please share them in the comment section.


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