How You Should Prepare For The New Year: Interior Design Edition

How should interior design professionals prepare for the next year? What kind of tools and materials they need to keep working for the company’s success?

Planning and get everything to your side is important for you to start the new year with the right foot. Today we bring you a small digital guide for you to prepare the year that is coming. Your success is our success so keep reading!

  • Understand the values of each brand you work with

We usually say: you can’t seat in a photo, right? You can’t understand what kind of values the brand has through a photo. It is more important than ever getting to know how the brand works. What does its employees say about working with the brand? Are they treated fairly? Also, what kind of techniques they work with? What kind of materials? Do they have quality? Can they be timeless and with high resistance? Are they easy to be cleaned?

A brand that treats its employees fairly and work with high-quality materials will offer you not only a better service but they will help you to pass this confidence to your own client.

Domkapa has the doors open to our company. We invite you to visit our production unit, where every product is made; to our showroom, where you can find the finalized piece and even to our main offices for you to meet the people that is part of the brand. Everyone will welcome you with open arms and with a smile on their face. You will be able to check the quality of the product, test the foam and learning more about the fabric and the inspiration behind it.

Julie Savoia and Damon Savoia from Shawback Design visited Portugal and came to visit our company. Check the article here: Lisbon to Porto, Spring Road Trip.

Getting to know the brand and who is behind it is the first step to pick the right brands you should work with. Many people surpass this step, but you can not even imagine how huge its importance is – it will give you confidence.

Here is a sneak peek of what you can find in our company: Production – Virtual Tour

  • Furniture Catalogues

There is a lot of values that you should have in mind when it comes to furniture selection. Whether you have clients that prefer aesthetics over functionality, or you prefer storage over beauty, it is important to have several catalogues from your favourite brands (or your client’s favourite brands) so you can have all your options near you.

However, we understand that interior design professionals are always in a rush and it can be impossible to bring all your catalogues to everywhere. For this reason, furniture brands have always a digital version. This way, you can save the link to check it later. Also, some simple details of the pieces can change throughout the year, and the digital catalogue is always updated – for a matter of money or even waste, it is not suitable to print new catalogues every time we make some changes in the collections, right? After all, it is normal to find small problems in the piece itself or in its usage and find ways to solve them.

For you to have access to the digital catalogue or even request a physical one, you can make a request through the brand’s website, or you can contact the sales executive of your country and ask him/her to send it to you.

When it comes to Domkapa, you can contact us by e-mail, letting us know your name and country and we will ask to our sales executives to reach you as soon as possible.

  • Sample Box

Customization is the best friend of every interior designer, right? After all, one-size fits all (or one-material fits all) is challenging and many times boring – we know! For this reason, most of the brands developed a sample box that you can request and receive it in your home/office. This way, you will have all the customization options next to you and it will be so much easier to present them to your client.

Domkapa’s Sample Box has all the materials and finishes that you can find in our Materials Page. On each sample, you will be able to find its characteristics. This way, you can understand if they work for you and for what you need. Check out more about our sample box: A Sample Box To Power Up Your Designs.

  • Contact Details Of The Account Executive

Usually, brands have an Account Executive for your country. They are specialized to understand the limitations and the demandings of your country and government. For this reason, and when it comes to the brand you are working with, the account executive will be your best friend. They will help you with every question you have – even the silly ones.

Once again, if you need anything from us, please contact us through the e-mail [email protected].

  • Sources of Inspiration

Credits: Pedro Machado Photography

Inspiration is so important when it comes to interior design! Imagine that you have an outside-of-the-box client, with completely different ideas (and the most crazy ones!): you will need to find new inspiration sources. For this reason, save the links of the websites that offer good and different inspiration sources, where some additional information can be found and even some design trends. You will thank us later!

Domkapa can also help you on this matter. Our Blog Articles have from design trends to the best interior designers of a country or city as their subjects, you just need to keep looking. Also, because of these articles are made by one person, you can contact us to add some special details or some valuable information to others. Our brand is also made by you – you are more than welcome to be part of our community. Above all, these articles are, from time-to-time, updated: if there is anything that does not fit the issue anymore, it is removed.

As you, as an interior design professional, should get to know the client; you will need also getting to know the brand itself so you can offer the right products for what you need and look for. These tips will help you with that and we would love to know if you have other ones to add to this guide. Also, which ones you are going to follow? We would love to know, so please share them with us.

Featured Image: Pedro Machado Photography


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