Interior Design Styles: Find Your Favorite

Home design can be a tricky task. Although it’s important to bring your own personality and preferences to the process, you have to keep in mind certain trends while others are here to stay. 

We created this home design styles guide so that you know the major styles you can go for depending on your taste. You don’t have to follow trends blindly but they are very helpful when choosing interior design styles that match your tastes, find all about them in the following article: Discover The Interior Design Trends for 2022.

There’s a huge diversity of styles you can choose from and you can find all of them all over the internet. Today we brought you our favorite styles – and we have options for all of them!


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Usually, a home design with a contemporary style is simple, full of clean lines with a few texture details and a concise color palette in order to create calm and serene interiors. 

Find statement furniture to bring in personality and contrast it with smooth, geometric silhouettes and unadorned surfaces for an elegant look. 

Contemporary style has the ability to provide a timeless feel that never goes out of style.


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Classic Style, also known as Traditional Style, is one of the best options if you want to go for a room rich in accessories, textures and finishes creating an inviting home.

Choose a focal point and you can go from there by finding symmetry and order and placing your furniture with detailing or even textures and subtle patterns. Regarding colors, a color palette from nature is the main choice of our customers, creating harmony. 

The main idea of this style is really not to be bold and create a cohesive point between furniture, lighting and accessories. 


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Known for its simple and unadorned attributes, this one is characterized by clean lines, natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and natural light. And the main philosophy of this style is to choose elements that reflect its purpose. So if you have decor items that don’t have a purpose – a function – it’s time for you to get rid of them. Functionality over fashion.

We actually have an article about this style here: Modern Interiors: The Ultimate Guide. 


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Being mainly functional and minimal, the Scandinavian interior design style emphasizes a clean and serene ambiance while color is brought by the placed art and a few textile details.

It includes the use of natural materials such as natural leathers and wood because it is often influenced by nature and what it can bring us. 

Scandinavian interior design style is all about simplicity. 


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Bohemian is a patterned style with memorable layers, giving an idea of visual interest and free spirit of the homeowner. 

This distinctive style creates a relaxed vibe with the use of plants, something more ornate and sculptural and playing with textures like you never saw before. It is usually fulfilled with a huge variety of colors and shapes where, unlikely with minimalism, more is more. 


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Minimalism marked its popularity in the early 90s and it is characterized by the “everything needs a place and a reason” approach.

A minimalistic design will make your room feel larger and will never go out of style thanks to its clean aesthetics. It is all about a reduced color palette where neutrals are the main ones chosen.

Use your architectural details to your advantage and declutter as much as possible, finding purpose for every decoration and furniture you have – there’s no need to have features that you don’t need.

The greatest advice we can give you is to skip trendy furniture that you already know you won’t like in a few months. Invest in classic but eye-catching furniture – less is more.


The industrial style calls for lofts with exposed brick walls and with furniture made of rustic wood and exposed metal. 

It provides a factory feel leaving the raw elements to make a statement. The furniture used in this style is characterized by simple, clean lines produced in metal while the architectural details are also a highlight of the design thanks to black grid frame windows and high ceilings.

Mid-Century Modern

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Popularized by the work of Milo Baughman, Florence Knoll and Vladimir Kagan, the Mid-Century style is influenced by the mix of Scandinavian and modern styles.

It is usually complemented by furniture with curvature, and materials such as rosewood, teak and walnut wood. When it comes to colors, the mid-century modern is known by the use of black, flamingo pink and mustard yellow.

Mid-century modern is timeless and playful.


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Similar to Bohemian style, the Eclectic style explores creative directions with high-energy, mixing contrasting colors with a few textures – all in order to have a cohesive design.

Known by the art gallery that allows distinctive focal points as you move your eyes, this movement doesn’t have rules giving you freedom to play with your creativity. 

Eclectic style is a lit bit of everything in a room full of harmony.

We would love to know which style is your favorite!

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