Interior Design Trends: These Will Rule In 2023

The new year is always a time when we feel hopeful and thoughtful about what we did throughout the year. We set goals and analyse what we want for the future. For 2023, whether you will be looking for a new job or improving your lifestyle, our home is always there to support us and welcome us after another day of hard work. We need to take care of it.

When it comes to interior design, for this new year will prevail an emphasis on wellness, so you can expect to see (and get asked for) a lot of comfort and functionality in the space. It is the year for you to reconnect with yourself and give space for technology to improve your lifestyle.

Harmony between design and comfort will be essential if you want to have a successful year. And, speaking of success, we have been sharing ideas with some award-winning designers and decided to gather a few trends that will be on vogue for 2023.

1. Warm and neutrals tones

The colour palette of a room can change the whole mood. Considering the right colour palette can be challenging, so you can trust that these tones will do wonders.

Warm and neutral tones were seen during all year and are, surely, here to stay with us for the next year. They are the safest option for everybody and every style as they can fit in every furniture’s category and can be matched with some bold colours. However, mixing neutrals with neutrals will make you always in style.

It is proven that this kind of colours will provide you a serene atmosphere, where a calming attitude takes the crown.

2. Sustainability

A sustainable interior design will improve your well-being, reducing negative impacts on the environment and, as you may know, thinking about the future of our world is now crucial than ever.

Taking the better advantage of our resources is one of the best ways of sustainability and this is where craftsmanship is needed. Craftsmanship comes from passion and from detail but also from using materials and finishes as much as possible; not to mention that you will be receiving a product made by real people and with a story behind.

Sustainability comes also from a mindful selection of furniture and decorative elements. There is no need to buy new furniture or decoration year after year just because you are tired of it. You can simply reformulate your composition or even contact a professional to do it for you.

When making your selection, go for furniture made with organic materials. This way, you are contributing to the production of products that don’t use chemicals may put in risk our environment’s health. Usually, furniture and upholstery products that are produced with organic materials survives the test of time and bring that wow-factor into every home. You will be seeing these kind of materials often in 2023:

    • Natural Rattan

It is made from the fibers of a plant which when it is collected it grows back very quickly. This green-friendly material is known for being strong and for bringing a sense of nature into the room, and Eva Chair is the proof.

    • (Organic) Cotton

Cotton is very popular in furniture, upholstery, fashion and even in skincare and it is easy to see why for its numerous advantages through these areas. Grown wihtout exposure to dangerous chemicals, this material is strongv and enduring, does not cause static electricity and is hypoallergenic. If you face asthmatics problems, cotton will be the ideal material for you thanks to its breathability.

    • Wood

Wood is been used in furniture for generations, year after year. We can’t get enought from it and you can easily see why it is part from our interior design trends, right?

Offering a timeless look, wood is an durable material, especially when used in furniture and upholstery products, such as Grazi Nightstand. It is versatile, as it can be used in everything and every style; and has a wide range of finish options. Also, the characteristics of this material makes it into something that is exclusive and unique. After all, every piece of wood is slightly different. It is nature’s paiting and that’s what makes it so special.

3. Organic shapes

Image Credits: Pedro Machado Photography

Known by irregular contours, organic shapes come from a place where the human and nature join into a balanced interior design, finding harmony between them. This way, the simplicity of nature blended with the human perspective, have the ability of creating cosy spaces, searching for the wellness in the home.

Organic shapes are often used through curvature and it is popular specially in furniture and upholstery items, as Stella Sofa or even Chloe Sofa, as pictured; but also in wall art, lighting and rugs. It brings softness and makes the room feel creative and free.

When it comes to materials, this material is in vogue, especially when combined with bouclé and velvet:

Columbia Toffee by Domkapa

Bouclé has the ability of making the space look cosy and, for the touch, it is truly comfortable.

Powell Wine by Domkapa

Velvet is soft and has a unique luxurious feeling; it is versatile and can be used with different styles and in different kinds of space.

4. Unpredictable modern style

Modern style is known for its simple and unadorned attributes, with clean lines and natural light and this one is not different. However, you will need to keep the space interesting, and our suggestion is to place an unpredictable object in it, such as biophilic elements or even art.

Make sure that these objects may be meaningful – functionality over fashion – and that they are picked having in mind sustainability and you are good to go.

What are your thoughts about these interior design trends? Which one is your favorite and are you glad you’re back?

Keep up with trends in the interior design industry is important for you to keep inspired and see what the public is looking for. Staying in the loop will help you to improve your business, finding new opportunities to growth, and Domkapa is here to bring you all the fresh news of the sector.


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