Japandi Style: There Is Beauty In Imperfection

If you love clean designs as much as we do, this article is for you. Today we are here to bring you a few ideas about Japandi, one of the most trending styles at the moment. Find out why!

While the Japanese aesthetic is focused on calm minimalism, the Scandinavian style brings uncluttered decor – and that’s where Japandi comes from. Heavily focused on simplicity, this style is trending at the moment exactly for its clean lines and soothing shapes. 

Japandi style was born to become a reaction to approaches focused on heavy detailing and ornamentation, being exactly the opposite and following a wabi-sabi philosophy where “Wabi” stands for “understated elegance” and “Sabi” means “enjoying the imperfect”.

Bringing the best of simplicity and nature, this style emphasizes sustainability through mastery of craftsmanship and quality over cheap structures that do not last over the years. Japandi’s increasing popularity is no surprise, right?

This rustic minimalistic style blends perfectly form and function while light colours and bright shades do the rest, turning the interior into something aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional. 

There is beauty in the imperfection and the Japandi Style is, surely, the representation of this point of view. There are many ways to incorporate Japandi in your interior design projects, so we decided to gather a few ones for you to boost your inspiration levels and create something special:

  • Focus on the simplicity of minimalism

You must keep in mind that Japandi is focused on a minimalistic philosophy, where everything has a purpose. If you are not familiar with this style, take a look at our Essential Guide To Minimalism

Clean shapes and uncluttered decor through functional furniture and natural materials have the ability to take over the design elegantly; so you better forget about interior design trends. Go for incorporating functionality and practicality in every piece of furniture without ever leaving behind comfort. 

  • Japandi comes from nature-inspired elements

Nature is one of the inspirations of the Japandi style. This way, it is represented by wooden surfaces and other raw materials. It is common to find wooden floors and a few pieces of rustic furniture, for example. 

  • Be careful with the selection of accessories

Remember that less is more. Place accessories and storage items mindfully. This way, you will have elements that add a sense of personality and character to the space without compromising the design.

Cushions and blankets with contrasting colours will be enough for a living room design.

  • A neutral colour palette will do wonders

We all know that neutral colours are perfect for every style and space because they can make every room feel elegant and warm, right? And Japandi style is all about aesthetics. 

Neutral colours will reflect daylight through the space while offering a sophisticated twist. 

These tips will help you to set your mind on Japandi-styled interiors but remember that designing a space is a process – don’t expect to snap your fingers and create a design that you really love. After all, for this kind of approach, there is beauty in imperfection. 

How do you feel about Japandi-styled interiors? We would love to know your thoughts!

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