Kasa Dubai: Design With Passion And Soul

The brand does not define its identity, clients do. And we are sure that we work with the best of the market. You know why? Because they inspire us, because they work with us side by side, helping us to be better every day.

The story we bring you today is about passion and creativity, work and professionalism. It is about Narita, one of our Inspiring Design Professionals, that leads Kasa Dubai better than anyone. There are several brands that disrespect your wallets and low-quality designs that disrespect your taste but, luckily, Kasa Dubai knows best. For that reason, this company aggregates premium furniture and accessories’ brands while offering services of interior design that are innovative and unique – Kasa Atelier. Keep reading to know more about her founder!

What was once a hobby for friends and family was turned into a career. Since her teenage years, Narita was always fascinated with different styles and colours; rearranging furniture and changing the colour of the walls was her leisure activity and this is when her experience and knowledge started.

Having all those years to design spaces for her most loved ones and other clientele that she gained along the years, Narita decided to create her own company, the one that we know nowadays as one of the best interior design businesses in Dubai: Kasa Dubai.

“My work is from my heart and soul! I love the fact that I get to interpret my clients’ dreams and aspirations into reality.”

Challenges are common on this industry. Not everyone knows how much effort and dedication the professionals put on their work: “It’s not just about aesthetics but there is also science and proper knowledge that we professionals apply in our design and concept”. But there is nothing impossible for this designer: she is inspired by her clients’ lifestyle. Inspiration sources never run out and her philosophy comes from functionality above all. Turning her client’s dreams into reality is what makes her fulfilled.

Working in several projects in the past 10 years, Narita highlighted as the project she is most proud a 7-bedroom villa that was given as a blank canvas: “The client gave me the free will to conceptualize and execute accordingly. I felt that this was my first signature project”.

When it comes to interior design trends, the designer understands that people are influenced by them. They usually relate to what is the most seen in the market and that is not bad at all. The outcome is to find a meeting point between the needs of the client and the interior design trends. Now, the most common trend is a minimalistic approach in different styles but, for the future, she predicts a lot of innovation: “tech savvy furniture and make-shift designs”.

There is a lot to learn from Narita and we will be always by her side absorbing every detail of her experience and knowledge to offer all our clients, the best of craftsmanship. Making them fulfilled with everything they need to be successful in their work.


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