Luxury Attitude & Modern Interior Styling In A Residential Project

Right from California, today we bring you a design full of luxury attitude and modern interior styling that will make you feel amazed. It is inspiration time and we wouldn’t leave you without some beautiful ideas for your interior design projects! That is right: you can always count on Domkapa to give you all the professional tools you need to complete a project in time in the most stylish way.

Let your heart melt with this awe-inspiring residential interior design project by Shawback Design Studio. Shall we see it?

The Studio

Shawback Design Studio was established by Penny Shawback in 1981. It is an interior design studio based in Napa, California, specialized in the residential and commercial fields. However, it also counts with an office in Sun Valley, Idaho, to fulfil the client’s needs. Shawback is led by Penny, Damon Savoia and Julie Savoia – a team with a deep commitment to their clients that believes in expressing spaces that actively welcome their desires, hopes and dreams.

The main goal of every project is to encourage a human experience in all its forms. That’s right: from the first step of the process to the last, Shawback Design Team is motivated to offer you a complete turn-key experience – their grand reveals.

“I get to tell the story of peoples’ lives.”
– Julie Savoia

Forest Aerie

We are amazed by the residential interior design project we bring you today. It exhales purity at its best, not to mention that this space has some special details that offer to the owners a rich feeling.

This project has been developed closely with the client over many years. The briefing was to bring a welcoming vibe to the space while being modern and sophisticated. Shawback Design, surely, understood the assignment.

Every aspect is careful and precise; with a selection of materials that brings textures and touch to the forefront turning this design into a fully immersive experience, inviting touch with every detail. It is in some way connected to nature, bringing the right amount of light and a fresh vibe that welcomes you as soon as you enter the front door. It invites the outside in through expansive glass walls.

The furniture selection is different but sophisticated. It has the right shapes for a modern feeling with a unique minimalistic sense. The connection between each room through a lovely colour palette is inspiring, levelling up the creativity of Shawback Design exhaled in each detail of the project.

This serene atmosphere is the perfect example of the meaning of stylish as it brings the perfect variety of patterns and textures which make it look extremely exquisite and glamorous. A fair amount of personality, modern gestures and simplicity where every small detail matters.


“I can close my eyes and visualize a project and can see how every element is going to come together.” 
– Damon Savoia

“In the homes we create, we see lives happily manifest and grow.” 
– Penny Shawback


Architect: Signum Architecture
Builder: Cello & Maudru Construction
Photographer: Adam Rouse
In Loving Memory of Landscape Architect: Jack Chandler

This well-thought residential interior design project was made by Shawback Design, and we would love to know how your dream home would be!

Image Credits: Shawback Design / Adam Rouse

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