Minimalism and Comfort: The Essence of Contemporary Style

Today we share the best of contemporary style.

The contemporary style seeks to create spaces that reflect the personality and individual needs of each person, while offering functionality and versatility.

With a minimalist approach and a neutral color palette, this style values simplicity and elegance, creating warm and comfortable environments. The use of natural materials such as wood, stone and glass is common in contemporary environments.

With a focus on clean aesthetics and the use of materials in a sustainable way, Domkapa offers the best products for this style:

Parker Sofa

This contemporary sofa features straight lines and minimalist design with metal frames. Parker sofa expresses a simple aesthetic complemented by generous and welcoming proportions. Suitable for residential projects, this sofa can meet the needs of any style.

Eva Chair

The Eva chair is the perfect combination of contemporary design and ancient production techniques. It is versatile and stands out in any space. Eva is also available with armrest, bar and counter and armchair.

Contemporary style is a dynamic and constantly evolving approach that incorporates current styles and trends to create modern and sophisticated environments.

Thinking of today, where harmony and well-being of spaces are increasingly valued, decorator Kelly Wearstler reflects this style better than anyone else. She is an American interior designer known for her bold and extravagant style, and one of the best contemporary interior designers in the United States.

“Allowing contemporary pieces to harmonize with historical references creates a distinctive and soulful vibe.”

– Kelly Wearstler, in an interview for Casa Vogue

Founder and director of Kelly Wearstler, is a decorator who develops residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Her biggest source of inspiration comes from her travels or even vintage key pieces. Her secret is to keep things simple, elegant, and let the shapes shine on their own.

Each project is unique and special, just like the contemporary style.

Featured image: Shawback Design / Adam Rouse


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