Norway And Its Best Interior Designers

Have you even been to Norway? If your answer is no, then we have the perfect opportunity for you: learn more about the best of the country’s design industry with this list of the best interior designers of Norway!

That’s right: Norway is not known only for its breath-taking montains and northern lights. There is so much beauty in the country’s interior design projects that inspire us to take our designs into the next level. Today is your turn – be inspired by the best professionals of Norway:

Ørseng Interiørarkitektur

Image Credits: Ørseng Interiørarkitektur

Founded in 2019 by Kristin Elise, from Ørseng Interiørarkitektur you can’t expect nothing but magnificence in every residential or commercial interior design projects.

Every work of art starts with an initial meeting where every detail of the process is discussed – each client is unique and this interior design studio is sure of that. After that, a cosy symphony between colours, textures, contrasts, shapes and proportions starts playing where it is conceived bespoke eye-catching atmospheres adapted to each client. High-quality is the limit.

Christian’s & Hennie

Christian’s & Hennie was founded in 2017 and nowadays counts with a highly experienced team of seven interior architects and designers led by two managers. With a design portfolio between small projects and the larger ones, this award winning interior design studio has a keen for detail, having in mind the wishes and lifestyle of each client.

“The client is always the most important – we strive to create the perfect atmosphere for each and every one of them”

It is located in the heart of Oslo, Christian’s & Hennie is specialized in luxury interior architecture projects around the world.

Image Credits: Christian’s & Hennie

Krista Hartmann

Image Credits: Krista Hartmann

Krista Hartmann is an interior design studio established in 2003 with a wide experience in interior architecture on residential and commercial fields.

From the idea to the completed interior design project, a team of six professionals is committed to listen to their clients and meet their expectations, taking responsibility for each detail of the project.

The goal is only reached when you are proud of your space, where your lifestyle flows easily during the day with some practical solutions provided by Krista Hartmann.

Image Credits: Anemone Studio


Located in Oslo, Anemone Studio is an interior design company led by the inspiring interior designer Anemone Wille Våge, which is followed by a hand-picked team of interior architects with different backgrounds and experience.

From modern to the classic, Anemone Studio works on residential and commercial projects – some of them hotels and restaurants – where everything is developed for the space, having always in count the history of the surroundings and the personality of the client.

Represented several times in Andrew Martin Design Review, Anemone Studio is known for its projects made with grace, sophistication and luxury.

YSA Design

Image Credits: YSA Design

YSA Design is a multidisciplinary studio based in Oslo as it offers services such as: ship exterior design, lead coordinating architecture, interior design, and architecture and even art consulting. How wonderful is that?

For this interior design studio, the main goal is to create unique spaces that are tailor-made to meet each client’s individual needs. This way, the wide range of experiences gained in the past and their unlimited creativity help this team to deliver creative designs tailor-made for their clients.

“What makes us unique? We don’t limit our customers to one particular style, we offer a diversity of styles, tailor-made to suit each commission, no matter what its size or type.”

This list of the best interior designers of Norway inspires us every day to conceive the right products for your space. Do you know more? Feel free to share them with us!


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