Panama: The Best Interior Designers

Gifted with a wide range of rainforests, deserts and lovely beaches, Panama is truly magical, especially regarding interior design. As you know, we travel worldwide to meet inspiring people that influence others to conceive extraordinary projects – you may want to meet them in the Meet The World’s Best 10 Interior Designers article. And today we bring you the best interior designers in Panama. Shall we see?


Image Credits: Bioharmonized

Founded by the architect, interior designer, coach and healer Sara, Bioharmonized design studio offers a way to improve your life and to make you better than yesterday through their services of teaching and interior design.

This studio is different from every other studio you know and we will tell you why: Bioharmonized unifies findings from neuroscience, electromagnetism & quantum physics to offer you a distinct approach where every dot of your surroundings, your beliefs and attitudes are aligned so you can revel a clear image of your space.

Due to this, Bioharmonized conceives private and commercial projects that promote the physical and mental evolution of the owners.

Love Design Panama

Image Credits: Love Design Panama

For Love Design Panama, design is not just design. It is the way to go if you wish to align yourself with a space that will endure you for years; it is self-care and the opportunity of creating memories with special people. Because of these reasons, your space needs to be memorable.

This studio is specialized not only in interior design but also in lighting design, high-end finishes, exterior design and many other different services – all of them with only one purpose: to create a room that you will love every day.

It was founded by Jenny Ramona, that will ensure you a service that you will love, having always in mind your taste and personality in order to create a unique space. You will have the space of your dreams!

Bettis Tarazi

Image Credits: Propixel Panama | Bettis Tarazi

The third of this list of the best interior designers of Panama does not stop until eye-pleasing sophistication is reached.

Bettis Tarazi was founded in 1999 and nowadays is one of the most famous interior design studios in Panama and we can understand why. This team of 30 highly professional interior designers conceive projects like no other, where the final result is perfect: projects where the lifestyle is one of the priorities.

Inspired by modern influences, Bettis Tarazi works together with local and international partners to offer you a refined project full of surprises and a balance between shape and proportions. Combined with talent and professionalism, this studio offers high-quality in everything they do, especially in their services: interior design, architecture and graphic design.

El Patio Arquitectos

Image Credits: El Patio Arquitectos

For El Patio Arquitectos, every project is different, and everything needs to receive all the attention so they can create a homely project.

This interior design and architecture studio was founded in 2010 by Patricia Alemán and Thilo Nuessgen with years and years of experience in many subjects – a cultural journey that is shared every day with their clients.

El Patio Arquitectos’s service is focused on following each client, from the drawing step to the last one – where their clients are already living at home. This passion is recognizable and this is why this studio is so special, don’t you agree?

This multidisciplinary studio is perfect for the ones who are looking for a service that really cares about the people living in the space, promoting beauty without ever giving up on functionality – a life motto that you need to keep in your life every day. Creative solutions are all you can expect from El Patio Arquitectos and the rest you will have to discover.

AN-NA Studio

Image Credits: AN-NA Studio

AN-NA Studio is an interior design company based in Panama that is anything but boring. From renovation & remodelling, decoration & home styling to interior design itself, this multidisciplinary studio was founded in 2016 by the interior consultant, designer and high-end décor lover Anna Faligowska.

Counting a team of three inspiring interior designers, this company focuses mostly on residential and commercial environments. However, as AN-NA Studio loves challenges, they are happy to accept other different environments that would fit their style. What are you waiting for?

This interior design studio offers not only services of interior design and related, but also inspiring and informative content about the subject which is amazing, right?

AN-NA Studio’s projects are different and unique. Marked by straight lines and significant pops of colour, this studio gives importance to spaces with minimal furniture and decorative accessories turning them into perfect rooms. See for yourself!

Do you know any other interior design studio from Panama that we should know about? Feel free to let us know!

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