Quiet Luxury: A Collection Of Things With Intention

You may have heard about the new trend that has been conquering the design world, especially the interior design industry: Quiet Luxury. It emphasizes sophistication and elegance effortlessly blending high-quality and timelessness like no other.

This logo-free movement cares and redefines what you wear and how you wear it, compelling for something much more simple and beautiful. It is a trend that is quite the opposite, as Ken Fulk explains for Vogue Magazine:

“Quiet luxury is about restraint,” says interior designer extraordinaire Ken Fulk. “It’s not about a style or look per se—which can be as layered and bold as ever—but rather a focus on quality and a dedication to making every moment matter. From the rituals of your daily wake-up regimen to the profile detail in a crown molding, it’s about investing in the pleasure and beauty of our everyday lives.”

The fast-paced world of today seeks refuge in the calming of quiet luxury and it came to revolutionize our perspective of interiors.

To channel this movement in an interior design project, it is important to invest in handcrafted furniture and accessories and place them with a thoughtful approach. If you need any more reasons to do it so, you should check our article Craftsmanship Is The Way To Go.

Here, the quality is key and the overall design style should be balanced with a neutral colour palette or gentle colours found in nature, as they are the most effective colours for an enduring look.

The idea here is to welcome a warm, minimalistic approach, embracing the power of simplicity with materials that matter – which will feed the growing desire for wellness in people.

As seen on the runways, this kind of luxury that flies under the radar is here to stay and is already impacting the world in a sustainable way.

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