Say Hello To These Summer Trends

Over the past few months, we ended up in a stressful season due to the pandemic and now we all want our homes to be relaxing and the design needs to reflect that. Choosing details to make us forget about the stress we have been through and enjoy a good moment with our friends and family in our favourite space. This summer trends article tells exactly how to blend optimism and sophistication in the same room. Ready?

Soothing Colors And Curves

The discovery journey through getting over stress is made with a simple process that starts with soothing colours and curves. We all know that stress leaves us feeling anxious and these characteristics can help you to keep low your stress levels – after all, we all know that our bodies have reactions when we see spaces where the furnishings have softer silhouettes, providing a feeling of movement.

These are some of the soothing colours you can use to get rid of the harsh tones of a room:


Blue has the ability to help you sleep and makes your home more inviting. At the same time, it gives you sophistication and mystery. Isn’t that amazing?


Pink. That’s right. Don’t think about the vibrant versions of pink but a soft one, such as pastel pink, for example. In a home décor with pink elements, you are bringing peace and comfort.


Green essentials give us hope. And if you push yourself, you will find out that you don’t need to paint your walls in green shades. It is as simple as putting a plant on the entrance for a welcoming vibe.

Open-Plan Spaces

Open-plan spaces are what everyone looks for when designing a home because they provide us with a feeling that the space is wider and you can take advantage of the space and turn it into a luxurious one, don’t you agree? Best of all: it works for everyone, especially if your client loves to party and receive guests at home.

Start with keeping it simple, as we told you in Modern Interiors: The Ultimate Guide and you will find yourself playing with colours and shades. Take a moment to consider how your client will use it from day to day and create the perfect open-plan scheme.

Personal Spaces

Relax, we are not talking about the bathroom. Our homes play an important role in our lives and our mental wellbeing, that’s why we all look forward to coming back home after a long day of work – because it is our sanctuary. And self-spaces are mostly where we feel comfortable alone. Some of us like to be alone reading a book or even watching our favourite series.

A corner of the bedroom, or even in the living room will do the work for you and the magic will happen if you place an armchair and a side table. Try your best and relax in the comfort of your personal space.

Relaxing Outdoors

It’s time for you to unlock certain design elements you have been hiding (or not using) during the cold season. Get your outdoor space in shape for the warmer season that is coming.

Create better energy in your interior design project from the outside. The exterior space needs to be as inviting and comfortable as the interior. Dining alfresco is the way to go to memorable summers.

But make it multi-purpose, don’t limit yourself to developing an outdoor dining space or just a lovely backyard. Give it more versatility: a pool, a garden with a geometric silhouette, a dining or living space and you will be stylish.

Bringing out what a home design has to offer is not difficult when you are aware of the client’s lifestyle, beliefs, and personality. Once you are ready, Domkapa is here to help you to improve your interior design projects and inspiration with the most effective tools. We are waiting for you!

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