Scandinavian Style – A Great Way To Improve Your Life

Amongst several interior design styles, there is one in particular that never goes out of style: the Scandinavian style. Every day we become more aware about ourselves and what we want and where we want to be, turning increasingly popular this kind of choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. After all, Scandinavian style is all about creating inviting and comfortable settings – we all look for that, right?

It’s possible that this is trendy because the Scandinavian design style is the perfect combination of minimalism and flair. Scandinavians know how to balance both simple shapes with bright and warm colours in a way that boosts any area of your home. It doesn’t have to be cold and lacking in character so get your notebook ready and get to know more about Scandinavian style.

Influenced by nature, this style is focused on interiors full of light – lighting is key – emphasized by a neutral, pastel or even warm colour palette. It is common to see natural textures and a lack of clutter. It shares many elements with mid-century modern style; however, the Scandinavian style reflects mainly on bright spaces, prevailing no-fuss layouts for an elegant aesthetic.

“Scandinavian design has a tradition of striving to ensure everyone has access to good design, not just the elite”

– Niki Brantmark

It was born in Nordic countries from the need of light and warmth and it is incredibly versatile as it looks beautiful with a modern take on functionality. Simplicity has value, and its decoration items bring joy. To contribute to this feel, on this style you will be able to find natural wooden floors, while the walls are bright and inviting.

The furniture selection is thought according to the functionality it can offer so if you find double-purpose pieces, go for them. Textures are often used in textiles; so, the furniture selection must have in mind clean lines and simple shapes. Luckily, Domkapa offers products that can fit every style and space, so we bring you some options:

Keep it simple and pick products that have capability to improve your lifestyle. Nevertheless, don’t waste furniture you already have: you can keep it and make your design around it, you can provide it another function or you can give it away to one of your friends or family that may need it. We strongly advise you to focus on turning your options more sustainable. To all intents and purposes, Scandinavian style is all about balance – you can always mix the new and old for an organic look. Each item will be as beautiful as it is.

Speaking about sustainability, we couldn’t not suggest you pick furniture made with high-quality materials. This way, they will endure and you will never have to worry about buying a substitute.

Scandinavian living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms offer an air of calmness and warmth. If you are working on a Scandinavian interior design project, always remember to incorporate cosiness and comfort – everything will be magically welcoming and a place where you want to live forever.


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