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Nowadays, Instagram is not only to publish about our best moments in life. It is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to interior design inspiration and tips as people are always sharing more about their work and ideas – which is amazing because there will be always a space to network and share talent between professionals.

On the other side, there is a great number of accounts and we get so overwhelmed that we end up not knowing who we should follow and who can inspire us endlessly. Well, as always, Domkapa has your back.

We bring you a curated Instagram accounts that we follow every day to learn more about the interior design industry and to get some inspiration. Continue reading!

Pia Orr | @finnteriordesigner

If you are new here, you really need to get to know Pia Orr, a huge fan of Nordic/Scandinavian design.

Pia Orr is the wonderful human being behind Finnterior Designer Blog. She started blogging in 2014, as a result of buying a fixer-upper in a leafy suburb of South East London with her husband and, nowadays, it is one of the best home décor blogs in the UK.

Pia is passionate about interiors and likes to dip her toe in entertaining, occasionally. In her blog, she shares mostly renovating tips and ways to enhance your home in a terrific way. Her current style is described as a mix of traditional and modern design with a strong emphasis on sustainability and high-quality natural materials.

On her Instagram, Pia shares about her everyday life (as authentic as it is) but also the renovating process of her stunning home.

One of the best aspects of her content creation is the authenticity. Pia doesn’t hide her problems – she shares them to help out someone who is struggling with them too. She shares all about her travels, her favourite brands and how she overcome her everyday challenges. And there’s nothing better when someone has such generosity.


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Camilla Bellini | @camilla.bellini

There is so much to talk about Camilla!

Right from Italy, Camilla Bellini is a content creator, interior and product designer living in Siena but travelling the world to share design.

A community of people of her Instagram motivated her to start an interior design blog, where she shares everything about products, interior design ideas and all her inspiring projects that she is working on. The main mission is to get people close to high-quality design in a technical but also emotional perspectives.

As it is expected from everyone with Italian roots, it influences her way of living and taste. After all, Italy is one of the main centers when it comes to fashion and design. She is distinguished and loves to provide an emotion of impact through shape and appearance.

Surrounded by beauty, Camilla’s Instagram will inspire to keep going and working on your dreams, for her success and for all her projects.

Studio Ashby | @studioashby

If you want to inspire yourself, why not follow an interior design studio with beautiful projects? We added Studio Ashby to our curated list of the best Instagram accounts for a reason, right?

When we think about cosiness and a lifestyle-focused approach, Studio Ashby comes to our minds very quickly. Their team of professionals knows exactly how to create a sense of home for all who visit it.

Studio Ashby values real relationships with artisans and craftsmen, playing an important role on every project, for a unique identity and that is what you are going to find on their Instagram.

“Art plays a central role in our inspiration and process. It has a vital place in every interior and no space feels complete without it.”


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Arent&Pyke | @arentpykestudio

If you are a contemporary design lover, then you are going to love Arent&Pyke’s Instagram account.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Arent&Pyke is an interior design studio that encompasses interior architecture and design with a special keen on decorative arts. Each Instagram post provokes a unique emotional connection combined with a distinguished aesthetic that cannot go unnoticed.

Arent&Pyke’s design language is developed within a concept of quality and timelessness that is obvious for everyone who follows them on Instagram. So you can expect to find an unusual blending of colours, textures and shapes that will bring you joy as it is pleasing to the eye.

Do you need any more reasons to follow Arent&Pyke?

Reena Simon | @hygge_for_home

Hygge for Home by Reena Simon is a calm retreat from the chaos of our busy lives and that is what she shares on her blog and Instagram page. She knows exactly how to bring comfort to a warm and cosy home.

Reena Simon is an amazing content creator under Hygge for Home Blog and the co-author of the book Scandi Rustic Style: Creating A Cosy & Happy Home.

Passionate about travel and fashion, Reena has the ability to bring tranquillity with her tips and ideas and that is what you will be able to find on her Instagram: aesthetically beautiful interiors full of a sense of prosperity and well-being.


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Uma publicação partilhada por Domkapa (@domkapa)

Domkapa | @domkapa

The last Instagram account of this curated list is, of course, our own.

If you don’t know us yet, let us introduce Domkapa to you: we are an upholstery brand based in Portugal, specialized in the creation of products that blends design and comfort.

Our product range starts with sofas, to chairs, armchairs, bar chairs, beds, poufs and other accessories that will help you to enhance your interior design projects or even your home. You may want to check our catalogue here.

With our blog’s help, we share interior design inspirations every day, with solutions to all your problems through Instagram stories and posts. With Domkapa, you will be updated with news about the interior design industry while receiving some nice product suggestions for your ongoing interior design projects. Find more about us here.

Which Instagram account from this list you already follow? We would love to know more about it in the comment section bellow, so feel free to share it.


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