The Best Interior Designers In Belgium You Will Love

Known for its outstanding architecture and heart-warming landscapes, Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries in the world – not only for its stunning views but also for inspiring people that motivates us every day to be the best. And this article is about that: it is all about professionals that conceive lovely interior design projects. This is your opportunity to see what is going on in the world and to get inspired by this selection of the best interior designers in Belgium. Let’s find out more about them!

Isabel Gómez Interiors

Image Credits: Isabel Gómez Interiors

Isabel Gómez Interiors is an interior design studio based in Brussels founded by the creative interior designer and real estate expert Isabel Gómez.

Being able to establish a win-win partnership with its suppliers (or should we say allies?), this interior design studio offers a customer-guided service through interior design, textiles and graphics. It is innovative, passionate and grateful for being able to do a job they love and anything else is needed to deliver a good service.

This team of professional interior designers and architects find potential in every project they work with which influences right away your quality of life – this way, you will have a stylish, pleasing environment that is undeniably yours.

Exceeding expectations seems easy to Isabel Gómez Interiors and we are excited to get to know their future projects!

Jim Dierckx

Counting almost nine years of experience, Jim Dierckx is an interior design studio based in Antwerp that promises to revolutionize your perspective of simple and cosy interior design. That’s right: this interior design team embrace design like no other, having always in mind the taste and needs of its clients.

It was established by Jim Dierckx and has an approach characterized by warm pure materials, creating a residential project that is simple, functional, and full of light and joy.

Mixing materials and finishes, Jim Dierckx has something special in its designs. This team can always develop spaces that are timeless.

Image Credits: Jim Dierckx | Photography by Cafeïne, Thomas De Bruyne

Pierre Noirhomme

Image Credits: Pierre Noirhomme

We had to add this professional to this list of the best interior designers and soon you will know why.

Pierre Noirhomme is an interior designer based in Spa that offers, above all, an easier lifestyle and comfort to every moment of your life.

From the design concept to the finished result, Pierre Noirhomme aims for a close relationship with his clients so the project can meet or even exceed their expectations, having for themselves a space that is entirely like their personality. The outcome of this exclusive partnership can only be exceptional, right?

Pierre Noirhomme is surely a designer to keep an eye on when it comes to interior design.

Studio Tolleneer

Image Credits: Studio Tolleneer | Melvinkobe

Established by Laura Tolleneer, Studio Tolleneer is nothing but impressive. This studio offers services such as interior architecture and concept creation where the emotional value in space realization has room when developing a new project.

It is located in Antwerp and combines different design disciplines during the creative process along with a deep dialogue with every client. Studio Tolleneer’s projects exhale comfort, sophistication, and a touch of elegance like no other.

Laura counts on a team of highly experienced interior architects, lighting, and graphic designers and, together, they conceive stunning projects that will blow up your mind.

Axel Vervoordt

Working with clients from all over the world, Axel Vervoordt is an interior designer based in Wijnegem that has a special eye for art and thoughtful design.

For Axel, a home should be a personal expression of the soul and that is where his success comes from. He understands how it needs to represent our lifestyle and our connection to the world. For this reason, every design conception needs to start with the client’s perspective.

All you can find in Axel’s work is harmony and authenticity. He blends earthy tones, soft-toned details and nature in a unique way, having always a minimalistic philosophy where everything has a purpose. We dare you to get to know more about Axel’s design concepts – you will be more inspired than ever!

We would love to know what you think about these best interior designers in Belgium. For Domkapa, these are some of the designers that make the world even more beautiful and dynamic – everything that the world needs every day to be inspired and to improve people’s lifestyles.

Featured Image: Studio Tolleneer | Melvinkobe

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