The Best Interior Designers In New York

Having a huge impact on the world’s most important subjects, New York has so much to discover, especially when it comes to interior design and architecture. It has the best interior designers and it is the perfect destination for a design lover as it offers so many opportunities to get inspired – you may want to check A Design Lover’s Travel Guide To New York City to take advantage of the city.

Finding new incentives and ideas to work on every day is life-changing to your interior design business, so Domkapa wants you to receive fresh novelties and inspiration sources for you to keep an eye on, like these Best Interior Designers in this design center. Shall we meet them?


DKDA, also known as David Kleinberg Design Associates, is an interior design and architecture studio founded in 1997 by the inspiring David Kleinberg. Working internationally especially in the residential field, their work has been recognized in several leading magazines and books, such as Traditional Now: Interiors by David Kleinberg.

This company is focused on rooms that are modern and timeless in sensibility and quality, handing a curated selection of furniture, art, objects and materials that are high-quality for a unique outcome.

Counting with twenty employees, this studio is well-known for their nuanced interiors with special attention to details – the perfect approach for a design that is perfectly tailored and beautiful.

Source: DKDA
Source: Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Alyssa Kapito Interiors is an interior design studio led by Alyssa Kapito and featured in several publications and awards when it comes to the subject – and that is why Alyssa is also known for being the Rising Star of design.

The studio’s signature combines beautiful textures and clean lines for an elegant and bespoke result that you won’t find anywhere else. After all, Alyssa’s dedication and professionalism is unique and focused on the client itself – his taste, personality… Everything matters when it comes to his well-being.

On its projects, you will be able to find character and comfort while a strong presence of sophistication takes over the interior.

Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau Design is an interior design studio founded in 2001 by Amy Lau. Expressing design through warmth and attention to detail, this studio’s great mission is the creation of liveable, meaningful homes filled with harmony and beauty – as we can all expect from the best interior designers in New York, right?

Amy finds its wow factor in the aesthetics and vision, where every residential project is personalized and envisioned with the dynamic mixes of vintage and contemporary pieces – fruit of a passion for natural materials, landscapes and their elements that helps this studio in the conception of sophisticated interiors.

Source: Amy Lau Design
Source: Gachot Studios

Gachot Studios

Gachot Studios is an interdisciplinary design and hospitality development studio founded by John and Christine Gachot in 2012. Focused on residential, commercial and hospitality fields, this studio develops interiors with a refined aesthetic and a radical sense of place.

Their melding timeless craft with modern technology path is what brings to life the simplicity and elegance of each interior design space – which is developed as a unique expression.

For this design team, flexibility and an open mind are the secret ingredients to creativity and exclusiveness and we couldn’t agree more.

Aman & Meeks

Aman & Meeks is an interior design studio established in 1998  by Jim Aman and John Meeks that provides expert design and excellent architectural services in the residential and commercial fields.

Being recognized internationally as one of the best interior design studios, the project’s range starts from private residences to hotels and retail stores, where every single one is treated with professionalism and a curated eye that only Aman & Meeks have.

Their visionary design is something that is easily seen thanks to a special attention to textures and finishes that make every project unforgettable.

Source: Aman & Meeks
Source: The Designers Group

The Designers Group

The Designers Group is an interior design studio led by an accomplished interior designer that inspires us every day – Blima Ehrentreu, that has been designing for over ten years. 

Specialist in high-end interiors, The Designers’ range of projects are from the residential to hospitality and commercial fields; and they are something you should keep an eye on. Having a people-first philosophy, every project is taken as unique, providing a plan that suis the client’s goals with maximum efficiency.

With keen eye for detail and passion in their hearts, this team of professionals’ work is based on creating a community: sharing ideas and talent is what makes them successful – and there is nothing more inspiring than that, don’t you agree?

Which one from these best interior designers in New York do you like the most? We would love to know, so leave us a comment in the section below.

If you are planning to visit New York, don’t forget to pass by ICFF and visit us in the Booth 1301 of Javits Center. We will be waiting for you to discover the best of craftsmanship!

Featured Image: Aman & Meeks


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