The Best Of Italy: Interior Design Edition

Meet the best interior designers in Italy

Since the 11th – 16th centuries, Italy became one of Europe’s main trendsetters as it was the main home for artists to develop themselves. It is leader in design and each piece is perceived as a work of art.

Quite simply, we are the best. We have more imagination, more culture, and are better mediators between the past and the future
– Luigi Caccia Dominioni

With a classic, stylist and luxurious approach, Italy is known especially for having the best interior designers. And, today, we want you to meet them. Dear readers, this is what Italy has the best when it comes to interior design. Stay tuned!

Pelizzari Studio

The Best Of Italy: Interior Design Edition_Pelizzari Studio
Source: Pelizzari Studio

Established in 1991, Pelizzari Studio is an interior design company with two studios in Milan and Brescia. It counts with a team of high-profile professionals that are specialized in research and development of the lifestyle.

Offering a tailor-made experience according to the clients’ requests and needs, this studio always adds a personal touch mixed with a timeless style, making the difference in the design world.

It was founded by the inspiring Claudia Pelizzari, that developed the concept flawlessly, which made her turn into one of the best female talents in contemporary architecture.

Pelizzari’s projects are not only timeless but also captivating for the creativity and keenness for detail. Every detail matters and makes the difference, and the selection of shapes, textures and colours won’t be left behind.

Lissoni & Partners

The Best Of Italy: Interior Design Edition_Lissoni & Partners
Source: Lissoni & Partners

Lissoni & Partners is a multidisciplinary studio that counts with over 40 professionals that develop tailor-made projects through multiple areas, such as interior design, product design, art direction and fit-outs.

Focused on the human-oriented design, this studio acknowledges the characteristics of the location where each intervention takes place and is able to provide to its clients something that meets their expectations in a unique way. And it takes a lot of passion to accomplish that, don’t you agree?

The studio’s inspiration comes from a sense of rigor and simplicity blended with elegance and particular attention to proportion and harmony. Having offices in Milan and New York, Lissoni & Partners is recognized as one of the masters of contemporary design.

Matteo Thun Milano

The Best Of Italy: Interior Design Edition_Matteo Thun Milano
Source: Matteo Thun Milano

Located in Milan, Matteo Thun Milano is a studio focused on interior design and architecture where pleasure and feeling meet on a human scale.

Founded by Matteo Thun, the studio’s approach honours the cultural heritage of Italy while authenticity and the power of respecting the natural world bring that wow-factor that we all expect from this interior design studio.

Offering soul and passion for this industry, Matteo develops projects that enchants the owner’s lifestyle and needs, mainly in residential and hospitality fields.

With personality and uniqueness, Matteo Thun Milano will show how essential aesthetics changes everything when it comes to interior design.

Carola Vannini

The Best Of Italy: Interior Design Edition_Carola Vannini
Source: Carola Vannini

Life and work experiences bring together different cultures and backgrounds that, when blended with Italian passion, creates an outstanding sense of style that describes Carola Vannini and its philosophy.

Carola Vannini is a studio based in Rome that develops the interior design of residential fields. It mixes the innovation of every day with the classical Italian background, providing to their clients a vision that enables the materialization of their lifestyle.

Through architecture and design, Carola Vannini is specialist in the reinterpretation of tradition, paying attention to every detail of the room.

In their projects, you will be able to see how Carola is excellent when it comes to mix textures and shapes, providing a modern aesthetics that cannot go unnoticed.

Sybille de Margerie

The Best Of Italy: Interior Design Edition_Sybille de Margerie
Source: Sybille de Margerie

Inspired by a certain French art de vivre and spirit of luxury, Sybille de Margerie is an interior design studio founded in 1989 that aims for a constant creativity in ambitions and exclusive projects.

It makes technology attractive and colours elegant, bringing a modern touch to the traditional shape. Harmony, comfort and know-how are the main aspects that make their success possible, especially in the hospitality sector.

With honesty, commitment and exclusivity, Sybille de Margerie brings meaning into every action and feature, providing satisfaction and happiness amongst their clients with good taste.

These interior design professionals of Italy are all about authenticity blended with exclusive Italian influences that makes wonders to the interior design industry, don’t you agree? Which one is your favourite? Let us know all about it in the comment section.

Featured Image: Lissoni & Partners

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