The 5 Best Interior Designers In Spain

Spain is a country with a rich culture, a beautiful landscape and impressive architecture. People from all over the world visit this country because it is so beautiful. But how many of them notice the details? Surely these best interior designers in Spain.

Finding a good interior designer is not straightforward, you have to search for them but It can be both expensive and frustrating. When it comes to luxury, comfort and discretion, everything is a matter of options and we believe that, for every amazing building or place, there must be someone who creates an outstanding design. It’s these people that make the difference.

If you’re looking for services from some of the best interior designers in Spain, you’ve come to the right place. Floor plans, modern decor, and furniture shopping are a snap with these pros. Ready to spruce up your dwelling?

Carrillo Interior Design Studio

Based in Madrid, Carrillo Interior Design Studio was founded in 1959 and provides exceptional outcomes thanks to the vocation, artisan work and constant evolution of the design team that develops the design industry all over the world.

With a personal creative line, Carrillo Interior Design Studio offers exclusivity and quality in every residential or commercial interior design project. That’s right: this interior design studio treats each one as unique providing a special result through the balance between the client’s needs, the space’s characteristics, and their professional standards.

Image Credits: Carrillo Interior Design Studio

“Our style is to work one hundred percent, get involved in all our projects and supervise the details personally … Only in this way can we ensure that we achieve the result we seek”.

Image Credits: Carrillo Interior Design Studio

A great passion for interior design, professionalism and character made it possible to translate a creative process into an elegant experience; and we promise you it’s one you won’t forget.

JA Flores

Born in Málaga, José Antonio Flores is an interior designer who always loved to bring to life his creativity to create something unique all over the world. Between an immediate relationship of trust and connection, José founded JA Flores in order to show the world what exclusive design is all about.

Image Credits: JA Flores

Image Credits: JA Flores

With confidence and passion, this interior design studio recognizes a long fruitful evolution year after year, project after project. With a different perspective on the interior design world and along with the client’s vision, José makes every day into a pink one, full of sensorial experiences of wellbeing and happiness – after all, José is always looking for putting elements that transmit peace into every space created.

Interior design is one of the most beautiful and rewarding professions and José is exactly here to show you why.

Ambience Home Design

Ambience Home Design is an interior design studio founded in 2002 by Andrea Böck, an interior designer born in Germany who decided to show its professionalism and talent in Marbella, Spain.

Image Credits: Ambience Home Design

Image Credits: Ambience Home Design

With keen for contemporary and luxurious designs, you can find Ambience’s work in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong – worldwide thanks to an incredibly motivated team full of highly-experienced designers that have only one goal in mind: meeting strict deadlines having always in count the client’s preferences and lifestyle.

From the operations manager Lorena to the merchandise and stock control Simon, this lovely team has a creative eye and a passion for the interior design world recognized in the attention to detail we all love.

“Making every house a real home to live in”

Jaime Beriestain

Founded in 2002, Jaime Beriestain Studio was created by the interior designer Jaime Beriestain in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. It works on preponderant national and international interior design and architectural projects.

Image Credits: Jaime Beriestain

Image Credits: Jaime Beriestain

Meeting the aspirations of the individual client and having into count the characteristics of the space, Jaime’s approach is known for exceptional talent and creativity, especially in the hospitality industry.

In 2016, Condé Nast’s Architectural Digest magazine honoured, Jaime Beriestain Studio as the Best Interior Design Studio and you’ll know why as soon as you meet it.


Finally, the last solution on this list of the best interior designers in Spain: Isabel Lopez Quesada.

Isabel Lopez Quesada established her own interior design studio in 1983 thanks to her unique skill set to decorate – a talent that she knew existed when she had 13 years old. She is dedicated to making spaces more beautiful all around the world, from the US to France, Japan, and the Dominican Republic.

Image Credits: Architectural Digest

Image Credits: Ricardo Labougle

You will always recognize her eclectic style marked by her curiosity and need to transform every space into a lovely one through a process that is studied and personalized in every detail.

From a rich professional path and counting with a well-structured design team, Isabel turned her own interior design studio into one of the most talented agencies in Spain. We dare you to get to know her aesthetic!

These are the best interior designers in Spain and they surely know how to create special spaces and make life even more beautiful.

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