The Outcome Of Keenness For Detail: Studio Twelve Interiors

More than just inspiration, it is crucial to get to know real-life experiences and businesses that are successful nowadays. Understanding what they look for in each element, the inspirations behind a project, and how the world is seen by them is essential to make the world even more beautiful. It can be challenging but, luckily, you have Domkapa by your side to accomplish marvellous interiors.

Today’s subject is about that: how inspiring people can achieve unique designs, like the one we are going to introduce to you this instant: Oleksandra Umanska.

You may be wondering: who is Oleksandra Umanska? Oleksandra is an inspiring interior designer that is been transforming living and working spaces, with Studio Twelve Interiors.

Since 2012, Studio Twelve Interiors is a multidisciplinary studio based in Doha that believes in functionality blended with exceptional design. Offering services such as interior design, architecture design and space planning, each design is performed having in mind the highest standards of quality, supporting the client’s uniqueness and creating spaces that express his individuality.

And Oleksandra has been part of this marvellous studio since January 2022: “It is a very important factor for a young designer like myself to be confident in my work and feel a great sense of support that Studio Twelve Interiors provides. I joined the team in January 2022 and in this very short period of time I have experienced the processes involved in all design stages. Through this, I have gained a lot of knowledge and see myself growing at Studio Twelve Interiors.”

But her interest in interior design didn’t start here. Oleksandra always knew that she wanted to be part of the creative world. One of her biggest inspirations was the Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno, with his short film called Life of Ideas, which has an interesting approach where traditional Ukrainian arts and crafts are blended with contemporary architecture and interior design.

Nowadays, her inspiration comes from her passion for books, movies, documentaries, articles, photography, art and people: “The more I learn the more inclined I am to create; I always try to keep my research organised so that when I start working on new projects, I have the resources that will help me develop a new narrative.”

In fact, Oleksandra’s favourite part of her job is that it never gets boring – every project is a new unique experience with its own challenges. Her interior designer brain does not turn off throughout her daily life: each project is taken as if it was a part of her life and that is where success comes from. Her dedication and keenness for detail are special and allow her to design authentic spaces. Seeing the outcome of what was once a rough sketch idea is what keeps her eyes shining every day.

However, an interior designer job can be challenging sometimes, especially with municipality restrictions and building regulations that must be considered in the proposal. For this reason, a close relationship between designers and contractors is preponderant for successful execution.

When Oleksandra Umanska takes over a design project, she finds herself an opportunity to conceive a narrative around each individual, where she meets their wants and needs to provide an interior that expresses the client’s lifestyle.

 “A successful design creates a place you want to live in and a place you want to come back to.”

When it comes to design trends, people tend to be attached to what is more popular at the moment, so trends work as guidelines for her work but they do not represent her signature style: “It is important to think outside the box, a good design should have a long-lasting appeal.”

If you got curious about Oleksandra’s work, we have a sneak peek of what she is doing presently: architectural and interior design for a farmhouse located in the desert. The goal is to create an organic place inspired by traditional Qatari Architecture taking advantage of the stunning location. Intriguing, right? We just can’t wait to know more and to see the result!

And we just love seeing this interior designer grow. Her constant training and creativity are truly exceptional and inspiring for everyone around her and we are so proud to be working with someone that inspires others to learn from their mistakes and to be better day after day. 

“We are working on our first project with Domkapa. We are expecting the delivery next summer as per our project timeline. We built a great relationship with Domkapa’s team, they are very flexible and help us customize items to meet clients’ needs. Domkapa’s material sample box is one of the best ones we’ve ever got from a supplier, it is very well organised with a wide range of finishes. I am looking forward to seeing the final product and hope to work together on future projects.”

This professional is the right person to work with and we are sure that now you know why.

What are your thoughts about this professional’s point of view? We would love to know, so please share them with us through our e-mail address: [email protected]. This article is part of our Inspiring Design Professionals series, where we showcase some of our clients’ work. If you would like to be featured in it, please get in touch with your Domkapa’s sales manager. 

Images’ credits: Oleksandra Umanska

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