The Ultimate Guide For A Modern Dining Room Design

Having dinner in style is one of the most terrific pleasures we have in life. A delicious meal, a few friends and family – seems like a perfect moment!

Today we bring you a simple guide of how you can prepare your dining room in order to look perfect to receive your guests. Don’t worry: the dining room is easy to decorate because there’s no need to fulfill it with too much furniture – you can keep it simple. It will be easier to clean, right?

The Essentials

You won’t have a beautiful dining room without these:

  • A dining table;

Be careful: the dining table will quickly set the mood of the space. The decoration and the rest of the furniture need to be selected according to your dining table.

Make sure that you have at least 60 centimeters of space per guest.

In case you didn’t know, we were at Maison Et Objet with a dining table designed especially for the tradeshow – Mano Dining Table – to match your Mano center and side tables of your living room. A uniformized home decor for a sophisticated look. This dining table can be yours!

  • Dining chairs, for you and your guests;

Pay attention to proportions: these dining chairs should be proportional to your dining table.

Keep in mind that the dining chairs must be 60 centimeters apart (pushed out) around the dining table. This will help you out if you’re wondering how many dining chairs you should get.

You also need to have in count that if you choose a dining chair with arms, they need to fit under the table when pushed in. This will help you to look more organized when they are not being used. Your guests will rest their arms comfortably as well.

Luckily, Domkapa brings you a few suggestions for you to spark joy:

Anna chair by Domkapa New 2022 Collection Chair with armrests and sled base Dining chair upholstered in beige cream fabrics and black texturized stainless steel base



Essential chair by Domkapa Simple and minimalistic dining chair. Upholstered in deep forest green fabric and structure in fumé stained ash


Louise chair by Domkapa New Collection 2022 Simple contemporary dining chair. Upholstered in deep forest green and fumé stained ash


  • A Cabinet, for storage.

You can also add a buffet, depending on the size of where you want to put your dining room and how much a party person you are. A buffet is very useful for additional platting. Having extra storage is never enough!

The Decoration

The decoration of your dining room will help to set the mood. Get your creative juices flowing and give your room a little twist by:

  • Using wall-art: a simple painting or even pictures of good moments with your family and friends will do the work for you;

These good-looking decorations can not be larger than your dining table so you can never distract your guests from the main attraction – the dining table.

  • Putting seasonal flowers on the center of the table;
  • Placing a tablecloth on the table and cabinets;
  • Playing around with tableware decoration, such as napkin rings or a new set of salad plates;
  • Displaying your porcelain plates in your cabinet or even buffet;
  • Light up your space with a fun chandelier or wall lighting;

Check your dining table’s width: the chandelier should not be more than half of it.

  • Positioning a modern rug;

A simple, thin, easy-to-clean rug will do all the magic for you. There’s no need for a thick one.

Remember: the rug should be large enough to hug the dining table and chairs when pulled out.

It’s simple to decorate your happy space. Sometimes, even a single element will spark joy all over the room. These are our tips for your dining room decoration to look beautiful and elegant. We would love to know your favorite ones!

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