Welcome 2023: Decor Ideas

If it is your time to host the celebrations of the new year, you already know we have your back. This special occasion is the perfect moment to rewind good moments (the learning ones too!) and, best of all, to party. It is the moment to hope and to dream and you can always count on us for the best moments of your life.

It is usual to see gold accents on the table, and too many ornaments when it comes to the decoration. Well, the truth is that the world is changing, and our choices must be more mindful, having in mind our planet, being more sustainable and saving our wallets. We decided to gather you a few practices for you to keep it simple and still glamorous, so put on your dancing shoes and receive 2023 in a stylish way:

  • Fewer the better

Details matter and will make the difference and it is where you should start. You don’t need to buy too many ornaments for the new year – why don’t you take advantage of what you already have?

Everyone has that tableware that we save for a special occasion, such a family dinner, and the new year is the perfect moment to do it so.

On the last article about Christmas home decor – Get Ready For The Christmas Season, we suggested you some nice approaches when it comes to interior design. So, if you followed our tips, you may already have the right ornaments that this occasion as well. This way, you will keep your home decor elegant and sophisticated and, above all, timeless.

This way, forget about the trendy giant digit balloons and decorative banners. You will only use them for one day and your interior design will look (and become) more sustainable. Trends are not the way to go for this occasion. Remember: keep it classy and timeless.

  • It is a social night

New Year’s celebration is a social night, which means that it is an occasion that you spend with your friends and family, all around a table or at the living room, spending moments of pleasure together. We advise you to gather your furniture and decor selection thinking of your guests.

Following the last tip, you will be able to make the room you are welcoming your guests to look more spacious and cosier. Everyone will be happy!

If you are going to celebrate in your bar design, we already made you a selection of some Domkapa’s bar chairs, you should check it out: Stylish Bar Chairs For Your Bar Design. These bar chairs are all about versatility and functionality.

However, if you are going to celebrate this festivity in your living room or dining room, we also have the perfect options for you. Check them out:

In this occasion, the most important take is to never miss food, drinks and, of course, a good mood. This way, you will always be ready to welcome the new year. And, if you are thinking to celebrate it with Domkapa by your side, we are sure that you will make use of our high-quality materials and finishes along with the best of Portuguese craftsmanship.

We wish you a happy new year, full of success and with Domkapa by your side! (Especially because we have good news…)


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