Which Materials Suit My Home The Best?

When it comes to the interior design world, there’s a lot to think of before proceeding with purchasing. One of the most important things is definitely defining the right materials and colors in order to create the perfect interior design project. After all, you have to feel comfortable in your home.

This guide will help you how to choose the perfect materials that reflect your personality and your taste.


Colors will help you define the mood of your room. If you want to keep it simple, go for safe colors; if you’re a social butterfly, choose a bold one – you only live once!

These safe colors will fit in any kind of space:

  • Black, for a dramatic space;
  • Grey, for a sophisticated one;
  • White, will match anything;
  • Brown, a timeless classic.

These colors are never affected by trends and are extremely captivating allowing the furniture to shine for its design and shape. 

On the other hand, bold colors are also a wonderful option so you can bring to life your artsy finger – the wow factor. These colors are perfect for a statement piece.

Anyway, our advice is not to choose trendy colors unless you really like them. What makes you think you’re going to like them in three months?

Have always in mind your lifestyle and don’t forget the functionality-style combination. This will allow you to make your modern interior design project timeless.


Choosing a material will depend, once again, on your lifestyle and the space you want to decorate. 

When it comes to upholstery, you have the possibility of choosing between fabric, natural leather, and synthetic leather.

Expressive Fabric

The diversity of color, fibers, and textures of fabrics is infinite. From velvet to microfiber, there are plenty of elegant possibilities that adapt exactly to what you’re looking for.

The maintenance of fabrics is variable – some fabrics need extra care in relation to others. Usually, you need to it keep away from sunlight and avoid high humidity zones. These places are more likely to fade up the fabric’s color. 

It should only be vacuumed with a soft bristle accessory and, in case of splashes and stains, be careful and rub gently.

Also, consider the purpose of the fabric and keep your children and pets away.

Luxurious Natural Leather

Natural leather is unique. It provides a sophisticated luxury touch to any design and it is hypo-allergic. However, this high-durable material is limited when you want to customize its color.  

This material needs extra care during its utilization and cleaning. You can’t put them near to sunlight or other heat source and you will need to vacuum natural leather with a soft bristle accessory. 

Synthetic Leather

Free from animal cruelty, there is an alternative for natural leather – synthetic leather. This material is resistant to moths and it is available in different versions, sizes, and shapes.

Furniture production with synthetic leather is even easier than with natural leather. Generally, it can be washed but dry cleaning is recommended. 

Synthetic leather is also very resistant and high-durable and it doesn’t require special maintenance care.

Woods and Veneers

Wood and veneers are, definitely the most timeless options. These materials are available worldwide, in different shapes, sizes, and product categories. But the best wooden furniture is made by Domkapa. With high-quality materials, all production is 100% Portuguese and with the most exclusive craftsmanship techniques

Its care and maintenance is not very complicated. The place where you put furniture made of wood needs to be away from air condition or other heating equipment because they can cause deformation and discoloration.

If you wish to clean woods and veneers, microfibers are your new best friends. But, sometimes, unexpected issues happen and the material can be damaged. In these cases, don’t forget you can always put beautiful accessories to disguise it or you can transform them into another piece from a different category.

(Glass), Mirror On The Wall…

Furniture in glass and mirror can be irresistible thanks to its elegance and sophistication. 

It looks amazing, especially in modern homes, and can also give the illusion of space, helping with light distribution.

However, the cleaning is not simple as you can think because touch stains and scratches can appear frequently. 

For obvious reasons, be careful with heavy objects on this type of furniture; not to mention that the material doesn’t have a really affordable price, especially if you want a good glass or mirror.

You are now ready to make a conscious choice. And if you have any questions, the Domkapa team is always available to help you.

Find all about our materials on this page and make yourself a favor and order our sample box. You won’t regret it!

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