You Should Meet The Best Interior Designers In Ireland

After passing through Belgium and Mexico, it is our time to visit Ireland and get to know the best interior designers in this beautiful country. Certainly, Ireland is not only known for its rich history and culture or traditions and food, but it has also special interior design professionals that you should know about and this is the subject we bring you today. 

Recognised for the use of handcrafted furniture and woven textiles, Irish design is in the middle of the process of generating a new design identity and the following interior designers should take credit for this new concept. Prepare yourself to immerse into a world where interiors are focused on your lifestyle, taste and personality and get to know the best interior designers in Ireland.

ODonnell ONeill

Image Credits: ODonnell ONeill | The Mayson Hotel

Led by Graham O’Donnell and Ann-Marie O’Neill, the first of this list of the best interior designers in Ireland is ODonnell ONeill. The founders and their talented team focus on interior design solutions for the hospitality industry, counting over 15 years of experience and opening the doors for the highest standards of design for the social scene.

The approach is flawless and simple: ODonnell ONeill listens to every single client, to get inside his head and understand their expectations and aspirations. As soon as they get the briefing, this studio leads its passion and dedication into something that is unique and, as soon as you get to know their projects, you will understand how huge this passion is. 

ODonnell ONeill pushes the design boundaries forward and inspires us every day with their different and creative ideas. 

Kingston Lafferty Design

Image Credits: Kingston Lafferty Design | Templeton Residence

Kingston Lafferty Design is an interior design studio founded by the award-winning interior designer Roisin Lafferty. Based in Dublin, this company strives for excellence, especially thanks to its team from around the world, which offered it a global perspective. Kingston Lafferty Design delivers exciting spaces in the residential and commercial fields, paying attention to the client, the space and its surroundings. 

Every project is unique and special where harmony and magic are placed in the right amount to exceed expectations and evoke happiness.

Paul Haffey Design

Image Credits: Paul Haffey Design | The Butcher

Paul Haffey is what you should think about when you hear “bespoke interior designs”. Launched in 2003 in Lisburn Co, Paul Haffey is an interior design studio focused on the hospitality field, working on good-looking interiors across Ireland and America. And we just can get enough from Paul’s projects. 

Every project should meet the individual needs and aspirations of the client and Paul Haffey Design surely knows how the secret ingredient to do it so.

Think Contemporary

Image Credits: Think Contemporary | Skerries Project

Operating since 2010, Think Contemporary is an interior design studio dedicated to the creation of unique contemporary spaces where beauty, impact and functionality are the main features. From concept design to implementation, this studio works reach perfection in every way – it doesn’t matter if it is residential or commercial

It was founded by Joanne Kelly and Anthony Buggy who, along with an innovative team, work every day to improve the way of living of each client: “We believe good design leads to an improved way of living. Our environment is essential to our well-being – we have to love where we are, and that’s what we bring to our designs.”

Ventura Design

The final professional from this list of the best interior designers in Ireland develops a unique luxury: Ventura Design.

Founded by Arlene McIntyre, Ventura Design is an interior design studio established in 2005 that mirrors a West Coast luxury and aesthetic like no other. It counts on a team of 50 highly gifted big dreamers in order to optimise space and go beyond just designing – it is about emerging something without colour and life into something that is timeless and chic, luxurious and functional.

Home is the extension of the client’s character and lifestyle, so it should be more than just comfort. That is where this magical team brings their expertise and unique perspectives to immerse themselves into an unforgettable interior design adventure. 

Image Credits: Ventura Design

These professionals are absolutely inspiring, from the concept to the finalisation of the project and we would love to know your thoughts about their interiors!

Featured Image: Kingston Lafferty Design


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