A Modern Minimalistic Living Room Design

If our essential guide to a minimalistic design got your attention, today we bring you a practical perspective of how you can place a minimalistic design into a living room without ever being boring.

This interior design project is a conception by OR Architects, an architecture studio based in Israel that aims for beautiful interiors connected to a timeless style. OR Architects is composed by Orit and Raphael that, together, bring to life a sensation of cosiness and calmness like no other.

And this living room design is the proof of how two highly creative minds can make some elegant rooms that are functional and timeless – interiors that are pleasing to the eye and comfortable to the touch.

Here, every little detail connects with simple lines and light colours that hearten our senses, followed by the modern and simple architecture that completes the room in a magical way. At the same time, brown accessories sparkle around the living room to contrast with the bright colour palette.

The perfect harmony is brought by Shinto Sofa – the statement piece of this lovely living room design project by OR Architects.

This inspiring architecture team is here to show you what they can do for you and, most important, what you can do with Domkapa: countless customization options in a wide range of upholstered furniture pieces that are made of high-quality materials and with a functional, timeless design.

When it comes to Shinto Sofa, comfort is the main key to describe this seating upholstery piece.

Having a modular system, Shinto is capable of being in every room, in every style – whether you have a small room to design or a bigger one, with Domkapa you don’t have to worry! We got you.

Shinto Sofa has three different modular designs so you can have the interior design project of your dreams: a chair, a chair with chaise longue and a pouf for limitless configurations. On the back of each module, two black texturized steel bars slide to the bottom of the sofa.

Featuring delicate stainless steel details and sleek piping that flows across it, Shinto Sofa is the go-to solution if you want to design something exclusive, luxurious and, most important of all, comfortable that will stand the test of time and make your clients fall in love.

This living room design is the inspiration we bring you today! We would love to know your thoughts and don’t forget to follow OR Architects Facebook & Instagram for more minimalistic design perspectives.

Let yourself be inspired by this stunning living composition and get ready to enhance your interior design projects.

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