A Soothing Atmosphere In A Bedroom Design

A bedroom design that feels effortlessly calming and chic thanks to the colour palette inspired by nature.

This bedroom design has all the elements we want in our bedrooms: simplicity, texture and a soothing atmosphere that make us sleep tight. Incredibly modern, it is elegant and has the right amount of depth and density, without being too much, making us feel too little.

We are in love with every little detail of this dreamy bedroom design, especially because of the selection of furniture. Yumi Bed in earth tones, combined with the natural materials of Colbert Bench, the functionality of Ralph Hanger with a touch of some bright colours in Zigzag Pouf… It just feels endlessly gorgeous. Keeping up with colours that play nicely, interior architecture has a special part in this play – it is the essential key to the outstanding interior design that follows. It just feels like home.

Your daily inspiration starts now: we bring you the secret recipe of how you can bring this contemporary aesthetic. It will take you to the clouds!

First of all, the main character of this space is Yumi Bed, placed with Velvet Neva 2214 and Black Matte Lacquered on its structure. It is originally made with Weaves Columbia Toffee as its fabric and piping, but it needed to fit into the ambience.

The creation of this design was inspired by a concept of elegance, comfort and balanced lines, suitable for both minimalistic interior designs and modern ones – the entrance ticket for a world of sweet dreams.

Available in multiple sizes and customizable in every element, Yumi Bed is embellished by horizontal piping stitched across a padded headboard and it is elevated by four wooden legs for an elegant design that can not go unnoticed.

In front of the Yumi Bed, Colbert Bench has a special place in our hearts and in this bedroom design. For this place, it is customized with Natural Leather Desna Elephant and Black Texturized Steel. However, the standard materials of Colbert are not very much different: the only difference is in the Natural Leather’s colour: Desna Brandy. Relax, you can find all our materials available on our Materials Page and how you can customize this brilliant piece on the Product Page, as well.

Despite being discreet, Colbert Bench brings shine to this bedroom, as it features both delicate single and double-top stitching for a feeling of luxury. It is also characterized by an intricate metallic t-shape base with four metal legs. The oval extended shape of the seat beautifully contrasts with the raw materials and lines of the structure.

This design is perfect for contemporary settings and you will bring even more style and functionality to your ongoing interior design project.

Speaking of functionality, Ralph Hanger is part of our collection for a long time now. To fit in this room, it was customized with Natural Leather Albany Terra and Black Texturized Steel; but it is produced in Dressage Terra.

It has a unique spotlight: a vintage-style tray that rotates 360º so you can store your keys and other small objects enhancing the style of your project. Distinguished by its three tall vertical tubes connected to a t-shape metallic pipe on the top and bottom for incredible stability, Ralph Hanger has a minimalistic design mixed with an industrial vibe, bringing the lovely memories of the 60s. This americano accent is a perfect sophisticated design.

Finally, with extreme simplicity, Zigzag Pouf brings a bright light to this bedroom design, with character and style as it features Microfibers Tarn 02.

Originally produced in Velvet Clarence BS7, Zigzag has an unconventional shape, embellished with horizontal and vertical pleats that give a fun twist and special mood to the piece. Zigzag’s unique semi-circular shape is adaptable to any environment and matches any style. It can be combined with other designs that include playful pleats.

For additional seductive power, place a fair amount of natural elements, layering tone and texture in your bedroom interior design project.

This lovely bedroom design was perfectly conceived to reflect the owner’s identity, who is in love with nature and has a simple lifestyle. We would love to know how you would design your own bedroom to fit perfectly your identity! Share it with us.

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