A Striking Kitchen Island

For a lovely client who absolutely loves the art of cooking.

Sure, you like to cook. But do you really love cooking? If the answer is yes, then we have just the inspiration you need in the form of this stunning kitchen island renovation that Isabel Gomez Interiors undertook at the home of a client — who also happens to be a big fan of cooking!

The Studio

Isabel Gomez Interiors is an interior design studio based in Brussels that develops projects that are both sophisticated and relaxed.

Interiors that celebrate the spirit of the people who inhabit them!


The environment influences your quality of life, and this interior design studio is aware of that. This way, they turn it into a stylish, pleasing environment that is undeniably yours. How? Well, customers are the lifeblood of every business so it’s better if you take care of them in the most effective way possible like Isabel Gomez Interiors does. They always meet their clients’ expectations in every experience, providing them with a quality service like no other.

They are innovative and practice win-win partnerships with their suppliers, with respect, fairness and integrity. And, above all, Isabel Gomez Interiors work with passion and gratitude.

From the use of space and functionality to a striking use of colour and ornamental details, we think you’re going to love this Kitchen Island! Gather around for some good-looking inspiration, everyone.

A Beautiful Island Kitchen Is The Heart Of Any Home

The art of cooking has something special. But it needs to be done in a particular space in the home: the kitchen. For some, it’s just another space at home; for others, it’s the one where they can let all else fade away and just enjoy the moment – a zen space.

For this design, this was the briefing: creating something new, luxurious, elegant and, above all, comfortable.

The definition of luxury is a high degree of comfort, and when we think of this project that’s the first thing that comes to mind. For a client who is looking for an ultra-modern type of kitchen the choice is easy — when Isabel found out that she liked cooking, it didn’t take long to come up with a design idea.

The way you feel about your kitchen is down to the little details. Details like knobs on your cabinets, tiles, and especially your island, which will tie the whole room together. Isabel Gomez Design Studio, surely, captured the big picture of an island that makes you want to be there because it combines in a perfect way the use of warm tones, and the mix of classic Camille Bar Chairs by Domkapa. We are so proud for being present in this lovely project!

Camille Bar Chair is known for being a statement piece in every place it is in. Between an alliance of comfort and sophistication, a fully pleated back that will satisfy the most demanding needs.

With a structure of Microfibers Tarn 17, legs made of Fumé Stained Beech, feet and footrest of Gold Polished Stainless Steel, this graceful upholstery piece features majestic piping that provides a high-class vibe you weren’t expecting.

For an even more special interior design project, the same design is available in a chair version that promises a lavish experience.

Camille bar chair by Domkapa Dining chair with pleats on the convex back. Seat upholstered in canyon rose suede and structure in fumé stained beech matte (gold brushed stainless steel details)

How Isabel Gomez Interiors composed this lovely island kitchen is so much interesting and makes us excited to meet its next interior design projects, don’t you agree?


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