An Authentic Living Room That Indulges Your Senses

A living room that is well-designed wouldn’t be possible without a strong curated design approach, where every element is selected carefully and placed thoughtfully.

Luckily, the interior designer Alicja Przybylska-Grabowska knows exactly how to blend elegance and the mastering of interior design, creating something that feels comfortable yet luxurious.

Alicja doesn’t follow the interior design trends: her approach goes beyond that: home is a reflection of the owner’s personality, as it combines everything around him and his inner-self: his taste, his beautiful memories, his needs and what he wants to achieve in the future.

As a recognized interior designer, Alicja Przybylska-Grabowska is talented, professional and unique – the outcome of an extraordinary passion for all forms of architecture and landscaping. She finds harmony in simplicity, heartening our senses and elevating the interior design industry like no other.

Her experience through interior design, furniture design and lighting gave her the right tools to develop projects that are beautiful, timeless and functional – isn’t what we all look for?

If you’re always pursuing for more and more interior design projects made by talented professionals, we bring you a flawless ambiance, made by Alicja, that will indulge your senses. Keep reading!

Image Source: Alicja Przybylska-Grabowska

This living room design is composed by Domkapa’s pieces, showing how you can develop something that really captivates you effortlessly.

Starting by the main character of the room, Shinto Sofa is presented in a neutral colour to match the atmosphere of the space, providing comfort and beauty. Nothing beats the versatility of a modular sofa and this one will revolutionize the lifestyle of the owner, for sure.

Image Source: Alicja Przybylska-Grabowska

Shinto Sofa offers three different modules for several possibilities: a chair, a chair with chaise longue and a pouf. It features two black texturized steel bars that slide to the bottom of the sofa followed by delicate gold stainless steel details.

Surrounded by graciosity, Mano Table Set is always welcome, don’t you agree? Here, it brings the right amount of functionality that every living room design needs, supporting small items for convenience.

Mano Table Set has the ability to balance a striking aesthetic and its harmonious craftwork design. Its classic vibe turns it into something timeless. After all, that is only what you can expect of a structure fully upholstered in natural leather, right?

Image Source: Alicja Przybylska-Grabowska

This sophisticated living room design makes the most of natural light, making the room feel brighter and airy while the neutral colour palette sets the tone for serenity. The rich combination of materials influences the style of the room in a unexpected way.


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