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Autumn Interior Design Trends For 2022

Most professionals don’t pursue any kind of trend as they rather follow what they feel that will help their customers to have a better lifestyle. However, keeping up to date is really important to maintain your inspiration levels high. For this reason, every season brings fresh insights about what comes into vogue and Autumn is no different.

Autumn has arrived and, along with some spiced marmalade, it bought some beautiful trends for you to get inspired and to update your interiors. Autumn, you’re so beautiful! Even the leaves fall for you.

These are the approaches that are rising in popularity among famous interior designers. Take a look at them and give a new aesthetic to your interior design projects. Let’s see!

70’s comeback

Image Credits: Night Palm / Photo: Frank Frances / Source: Architectural Digest

The triumphant return of the disco ball is here to stay! It may seem a little weird at first, but when you get used to it, you are going to love the result!

This interior design sense aims for the use of brown shades and rustic materials blended with some geometric shapes and patterns. Each detail provides even more balance to the interior and its elements are likely to turn the interior design project into something luxurious and magnificent for the simplicity of the materials.

These rich interior design schemes are completed by biophilic accents as leafy plants along with a huge wave of earth colours, which are responsible for an immediate comfortable feel. After all, we all need a relaxed environment, right?

Only the essentials

You may be tired of receiving this tip but we are not! A relaxed ambience is all about the essentials. Having a home that is clean and organised can be really challenging sometimes but it can get easier if you have the right furniture and organisation options.

For this reason, start by getting rid of everything that doesn’t have a purpose. Why do you need so many objects in your life?

When it comes to furniture selection, you can go for the ones that have different functionalities and savy storage. Double duty? Even better!

The minimalistic style has some interesting philosophies when it comes to the essentials, so you should take a look at our guide for a minimalistic interior: An Essential Minimalistic Style Guide.

It’s all about quality over quantity.

A statement piece to highlight

Every eye-pleasing interior design project is only successful with, at least, one focal point to enhance the room. You can be distinctive through the colour palette by placing a bold coloured armchair in a neutral living room. However, some professionals go for the shape – a curved sofa in a living room with straight lines.

Whatever you choose, a focal point will grab the attention and make the place look even more elegant and sophisticated. A stand-out furniture piece can work harmoniously with the rest of the decoration and you still have a talking point in your project.

The importance of textures

Textures have an important role when the subject is making the space visually appealing. This complement helps to dictate how a room makes us feel as if it was a magical power.

There are many ways to provide your interiors with some texture, such as light, scale and colour; and they can be placed in textile materials, architectural design, furniture and other layout elements.

It is good to fulfil your space with some texture for beautiful shots of personality. Textures can make your space even more elegant and sophisticated. They provide balance and visual poundage and weight.

Textures can be impacting for themselves. However, some details of stainless steel can also be remarkable. The secret is to blend all these features with a minimalistic approach.


Craftsmanship is a more thoughtful way of living. Along with the past few years, craftsmanship gained a different definition, especially when it comes to furniture, as it gives to the interior design professionals to create different projects in the way they want and need.

It is uniqueness and heritage. It is made by people for people, with care and passion. It is the path to follow if you want something that is exclusive. We don’t need to say anything more, right?

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