South Kensington Gem: A Project By Tollgard Design Group

It is essential that every interior design project is user-centric and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the owner’s values.  And each one has its complexity and empathy. The one we bring you today is especially heart-warming. Made by Tollgard Design Group, South Kensington Gem was perfectly conceived, full of impressive proportions. Stay tuned!

The Interior Design Studio: Tollgard Design Group

Established in 2005, Tollgard Design Group is an interior design company based in United Kingdom. It was founded by partners in life and design, Staffan and Monique Tollgård, and is now one of the country’s best interior design studios.

Tollgard Design Group is well-known for its signature style that is brought into every interior design project. They work directly with the client – with a philosophy focused on them – and, on the other side, with world-leading brands – so they can assure you high-quality products that are timeless and exclusive.

This studio has the ability to tell stories, envisioning every little detail of the client’s wishes and needs for something beautiful and eternal.

Specialized in the interior design of family homes, Tollgard’s design team is convinced that a well-designed home can improve the family’s life and, as we told you before, we couldn’t agree more. After all, interior design has the power to change your habits and your mood, making your life easier and joyful. This way, the studio balances form and function to create spaces that look beautiful and to assure that everyone has opportunity to grow.

About the project: South Kensington Gem

The first floor of a grand mid-Victorian house in South Kensington gave place to the stunning transformation we bring you today, by Tollgard Design Group. The briefing was simple: turn an ugly duckling into a swan, making it feel welcoming, and this studio never disappoints. The colours play nicely, and the shapes were flawlessly selected for a charming look. Each detail was carefully chosen to bring happiness to the owner.

As soon as you enter the space, you will be enchanted by the light provided by the three floor-to-ceiling windows in the open-plan reception room, that gives the impression of even more space. A one-bedroom transformation moved the kitchen and created a generous lobby and closet by the entrance. More than good-looking, this project is functional and thought-provoking, delighting everyone who is around.

A soft kitchen is even more precious for its clean design. It is connected to the living room and other main areas such as the entrance and the dining room to take advantage of the space. While the materials assure the enduring design that every house-owner needs and desires, the finishes provide a sophisticated look that, even subtly styled, can stand-out magically.

One of the kitchen’s highlights is, definitely, Louise Counter Stool by Domkapa, placed for a living function. It has a robust design that exhales confidence and character. It feeds the space’s character with social grace, being remarkable every season and festivity of the year.

Louise’s structure counts with weaves Helmand 10 followed by natural ash and details of brushed gold stainless steel with a twist in the footrest: made with polished stainless steel. To fit into this kitchen design, Tollgard Design Group decided to keep only the standard fabric.

This daring design is also available in a bar chair version, for a different look. Its sophisticated lines will match any decor and enhance your room.

Passing to the living room, which is is enhanced by Taís Sofa and Rachel Pouf to contribute for the comfort of those who are going to live in the apartment.

When it comes to Taís Sofa, you will never understand its comfort until you try it. With fixed seating cushions that overboard the rest of the structure, this design piece pays attention to ergonomics and functionality. The back of Taís sofa presents extraordinary seaming details that demonstrate the craftsmanship of Domkapa’s team. It has a charming identity and it is the right piece to compose the perfect living room set.

Following to Rachel Pouf, which is delicate yet outstanding. This round-shaped design is made to bring an extra comfort to an interior design project. It combines lavish materials with a wooden base, including pleats on the side for character.

Rachel Pouf is the ideal design for the most demanding desires as its versatility allows it to be used as an extra seat or footstool.

Overall, this apartment’s design represents an intimate and personal journey between functionality and timelessness, practicality, and usability, where dreams are considered for an ambience that is airy and timeless.

Images’ Credits: Tollgard Design Group


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