Suite Cobalt: Authenticity For Life

We are very grateful for all the customers who trust in us and make us part of their upholstery selection on their projects. But when they show us the outcome of their work, the feeling is even more remarkable. We feel like our duty is done. And, today, is one of those days. We are so proud to be part of this stunning interior design project that we couldn’t not share it with you, and only AMA Studio could bring this modernist aesthetic to a space.

AMA (also known as Audrey Marianne Architecture) is an interior design studio based in Lyon, France that reinterprets the definition of modernism and functionality through an adventure between the client’s needs and desires.

Launched in 2020, AMA has the pleasure to be led by Audrey Marianne, a professional that inspires us every day with her passion. And nothing is more encouraging, right? After all, behind breath-taking interiors is a creative interior designer. From the design’s conception to the outcome, from AMA you can not expect more than places to live and feel without ever compromising the purpose of the room. Between minimal, elegant, and warm lines, each project is taken as an individual process where expectations are exceeded.

And the Cobalt Suite is no different.

Cobalt Suite is located in MiHotel La Tour Rose, an emblematic place in the heart of Lyon, that exhales a warm atmosphere. Inspired by the French to Moroccan art of living, this Suite was beautifully renovated.

As you can see, refined materials are the heart of this loving space, where sophistication and elegance are enhanced in a magical way. Neutral schemes are, surely, here to stay and this suite is the perfect example of it. Artisanal travel takes place and levels it to the highest level, especially for the dark small details all over the room.

Curvature blended with clean lines is the main feature where comfort and functionality are, clearly, taken into count.

One of our best-sellers can be found here: Shinto Sofa, and there’s nothing more we can say about Shinto unless that it is a stunning piece, don’t you agree?

Shinto has a modular system that allows you to play with proportions to build a sofa that fits your taste and needs. On the back of each module, two black texturized steel bars slide to the bottom of the sofa, featuring some special delicate gold stainless steel details.

Sleek piping flows across this sofa to complete an exclusive design with great functionality and comfort.

This modern suite design is layered with the right amount of originality and texture, where neutral tones give the ability to support any style for visual relief and a soothing atmosphere.

Each element inspired by French history delivers all the sophistication the interior needs, where artisanal textures are the statement feature. And we are so proud to be part of this stunning project that lands a mark on the interior design industry!

Image Credits/Photography: Sabine Serrad

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