Tour Around Domkapa’s Virtual Stand

If you couldn’t be present at one of the most important trade shows in Europe, we bring it to you. That’s right: now you have the possibility to get through our virtual stand and walk through our ocean of design to find our new collection and iconic upholstery products from Domkapa – all of this in the comfort of your home

Make sure you don’t miss a thing by getting the best view of our virtual stand.

Our main wish with our stand was to show you how you can decorate a whole home decor with our upholstery products. With this in mind, why not start with the living room?

A combination between the old and new was made between Juliet Sofa – for a sophisticated look, Ruth Armchair – for a feeling of home, Cleo Mirror – to give an illusion of dimension, and Inside Tables (Coffee table and side table) – for the functionality factor. A contemporary vision through a simple but elegant decoration that could easily be in your interior design project. 

Nowadays, we usually don’t see large houses. It is more common to find customers who want to decorate their apartment or even their small house, which was a very important factor in the design of this stand. We intend to demonstrate how you can decorate a house without the need for a large amount of furniture. After all, quality is better than quantity, don’t you agree?

The dining room of this virtual stand is even more elegant. 

Anna Chair was chosen to represent our customization playground for professionals. You can find Anna anywhere in a huge variety of dimensions, materials, and even finishes! For the dining table, we decided to pick our iconic Mano Center Table and turn it into Mano Dining Table. Do you think this could become a novelty? Who knows!

A wave of homely comfort sensations comes by as soon as you enter the bedroom.

For a good night of sleep, the outstanding design and handcraft work of Kelsi Bed combined with the Panton Side Table achieved the perfect final result we’ve been waiting for.

To complete the contemporary setting, the refined Colbert Bench was set perfectly because of its elegance and discrete lines

An even more exclusive adventure of discoveries is started by Carter Chair in the little office. This versatile chair with exclusive lines and stitching is the perfect combination between traditional and contemporary lines, thickness, and delicacy.

For you to enjoy a good book our reading corner is completed by two Alexander Armchairs and Inside Side Table

Alexander is a highly innovative solution linked to a functional and quite traditional shape because of its swivel system with return, inviting everyone to sit. 

We couldn’t let all the design lovers down so we got together one of our bestsellers Inside Side Table where texturized steel legs with an x-shape base created an optical illusion.

On your way out, make sure you don’t miss Grant Pouf and Ralph Hanger.

In this minimalistic and, at the same time, industrial touch provided by Ralph, you can put your coat and car keys in its vintage style tray with leather detail. And then you can rest from this marvelous upholstery world in the go-to solution for every design project, Grant. Also, don’t miss the elegant piping that hugs the entire piece.

All of these pieces are 100% Portuguese made with high-quality materials and the most talented professionals. Find all about our new collection through our Interactive Catalogue and get a special insight into our pieces.

We are committed to providing you with all the materials you need in order to support you in every moment of your life, from residential interior design projects to commercial ones. Dare yourself to confirm all our unquestionable quality and request a Sample Box. Along with our samples, you will have the opportunity to receive a hard copy of our catalogue.

We are working every day to bring you the most stylish ideas to fulfill your inspiration and to create the best interior design projects so feel free to follow our Instagram Page and subscribe to our newsletter.

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