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Unveil The Drama Of Motel Valkirias

Every time a product is produced in the walls of Domkapa, we know that is the point of start for a beautiful, remarkable story. For this reason, we develop each product with passion and soul that, when blended with the talent of our design team and expertise of our technical team, is ready to provide character and beauty into every interior design project. So, it is not a new that we love to see it featured not only in projects, but also in the magazines, blogs and TV shows, right? It always makes our heart feel warm – after all, our duty is done by giving you solutions to make your lifestyle easier and even more beautiful.

Yesterday, we achieved one more goal: being featured in the new TV series Motel Valkirias, with the stunning Elba Armchair.

If you don’t know Motel Valkirias yet, starting to follow it might be a good plan for your friday night – or, if you are part of the group that loves to see it in the day that a new episode is launched, monday night. Here’s a quick introduction, from IMDB:

“Set in a cross-border motel between Galicia and Portugal, three women with financial and personal problems get in serious danger after joining forces to get their hands on some valuable merchandise from a guest in the motel.”

There’s no need to explain more, right? Action, drama, entertainment and a little bit of comedy is always guaranteed.

The development of the story is convincing, as you will be able to find some realistic details, and its pace is slow to build tension.

This co-production between RTP 1 and SPi revolutionizes the idea that action TV is only made by men, as it counts with three talented protagonists that you may already know: María Mera, Maria João Bastos and Marina Mota, which will give a Valkirias metaphor along their journey – you will know more about this along the series.

In the episode 7 of this series distributed by HBO Max, two Elba Armchairs break into a scenario of a TV Show where Eva presents the story of her life to the world. Making good use of Elbas, the journalist and Eva start into a discussion about the guest’s personal life and how everyone gets involved in it.

About Elba Armchair

Elba Armchair has a timeless design for its egg shape and sleek look. Maximum comfort is provided by two cosy pillows in the seat and the back, while an extra padded pillow guarantees you a great moment of pleasure.

But it is not enough: for practicality and versatility, Elba Armchair features a triangle-shaped base handmade in stainless steel that swivels, so you can position where you want to and play around a 360º base.

On Motel Vallirias, Elba Armchairs are featured in fabrics of different colours: grey and orange. But you can also customize it however you want and need. Its generous proportions are something you will want to add into your interior design project and you won’t regret it, we are sure.

We are so excited to see it be part of this wonderful show, especially with one of our most favourite products to produce.

If you are already following Motel Valkirias, we would love to know your thoughts about it! And tag us on Instagram whenever you see our Elba Armchair – we would love to see it!

This TV Show is part of a production and distribution of RTP, RTP Play, SPi and HBO Max. Click here to watch: RTP | RTP Play | HBO Max


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