Frequently asked questions about Domkapa

Domkapa's products are designed by Domkapa?

All the pieces, design, design or sketches are conceived, created and manufactured by Domkapa.

How can I get a customer account?

All our customer accounts are only registered so there is a proforma. The company information we need is: Fiscal name, fiscal address, VAT number, telephone contact and email contact.

Is there a minimum order to make a purchase at Domkapa?

There is no minimum order.

Do you sell to all countries?

Yes, no restrictions.

What is Domkapa's shipping and delivery policy?

  • All prices and transactions are EX WORK, and therefore do not include shipping costs and other associated expenses.
  • Freight service is available upon request to Domkapa. These costs will be charged separately from the product order.
  • Domkapa shall be free from any charge or liability for damage or loss during or after transport or installation.

Can I buy Domkapa's sample set?

Domkapa’s sample box contains: catalogue, fabric sample box and finish sample box. This set is available for purchase.

Can we personalise Domkapa products?

  • According to Domkapa’s manufacturing processes, techniques and selection of materials, each piece can be customised according to the customer’s requirements and/or tastes.
  • However, some pieces may have limitations in design, materials and dimensions. This means that each customisation request must be analysed by our technical team.
  • We will make every effort to match a finish and/or texture, not guaranteeing that they will be exactly the same. For orders with customer fabric, production will not start on any products with customer fabric or leather until the material for the products is received and identified by Domkapa. The production date for customer fabric orders starts after all materials have arrived and have been approved.