New Collection: A Cosy Experience

An amazing bedroom design fulfilled with coziness and comfort is needed for a good night of sleep. We decided to launch a selection of three marvelous beds in this new collection. Please note that the morning gravity around it will be seven times stronger. Sweet dreams!

Margot Bed

Made with Columbia Toffee and rose gold stainless steel, Margot Bed offers soft lines and quality details with a minimal and distinctive style. The wide and enveloping headboard, with its soft lines and quality details, is divided into two padded sets to favor moments of rest in both domestic settings and public venues. The stunning metallic tubing and feet enhance the beauty of this piece from Domkapa’s 2022 collection.

This bedroom piece promises to embrace every detail of your interior design and intensify them for the perfect decor.

Shelby Bed

Sometimes just a bed is needed to set the mood for the whole bedroom and a serene ambiance. And Shelby Bed is the consequence of inspiration of geometric lines, angles, and shapes we all love.

Made with logone 10 and tarn 15, it guarantees perfect comfort while keeping your bedroom interior design project harmonious and stylish.

The upholstered frame and its clean-cut lines are complemented by the upholstered structure and its lines, ensuring a comfortable and refined piece. With its headboard slightly narrower at the top, this bed helps create the illusion of dimension, making your room look bigger.

Kelsi Bed

This is the proof of a unique production techniques rich in details of polished stainless steel. Kelsi bed is an outstanding and exclusive handicraft work made of desna elephant and arno 51.

The wingback headboard is the focal point of this bed, rich in details. It features two large padded cushions for extreme comfort, supported by two lavish metallic tubes. Along with the structure, you can find other small details, the result of exclusive craftsmanship.

Available in three different sizes, the Kelsi Bed is customizable in shape, material, and finish to achieve the perfect result for your design project.

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