Capturing Greek Essence: A Living Room Project By Schetakis Architects

Founded by Schetakis Letferis, Schetakis Architects is a contemporary architecture practice based in Greece. The studio projects reflect context, history, cultures, communities and the natural environment through the balance between a pragmatic design approach and sensitivity for the users.

Schetakis Architects believes that “minimalism is an appreciation of space and that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. And the project we bring you today proves just that!

The studio designed a contemporary living room that is both minimalist and sophisticated, with a colour palette that infuses the room with a serene ambience that mirrors the Mediterranean’s calming embrace. Best of all, our Shinto Sofa is one of the principal pieces! Ready to see the full project?

A Private House In Chania, Greece

Image Credits: Schetakis Architects

Drawing inspiration from Greek culture, the studio set out to capture the allure of this ancient land within the confines of a living room. Every corner of the design was meticulously curated to evoke a sense of timelessness, seamlessly blending contemporary elements with a Mediterranean-inspired colour palette.

But Schetakis didn’t focus only on the aesthetics; functionality is perfectly balanced with beauty. The furniture layout encourages sociability, mirroring the warmth and hospitality for which Greece is renowned. The armchairs were strategically placed to foster intimate conversations, encouraging moments of connection and conviviality.

With such a careful selection of furniture, our Shinto Sofa is easily the main character of this living room. It is presented in a neutral colour to match the atmosphere of the space, providing comfort and beauty. Its stunning modular system revolutionizes this design project, for sure!

Image Credits: Schetakis Architects

Shinto Sofa offers three different modules for several possibilities: a chair, a chair with chaise longue and a pouf. On the back of each module, two black texturized steel bars slide to the bottom of the sofa, featuring delicate gold stainless steel details.

In addition, sleek piping flows across this sofa to complete an exclusive design with great functionality and comfort!

In this serene embrace of Schetakis Architects’ living room project, Greece’s essence is present through neutral tones, the embrace of natural light and the elegant simplicity of minimalist design. Each element was carefully curated, not to overwhelm, but to gently infuse what Greece has to offer within the space.


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