Modern Home Design Project In Brussels

Did you say you wanted some inspiration? Count on us anytime! Sophistication is not an easy process unless you have the right tools and the right mindset. This modern interior design project by Isabel Gómez Interiors knows exactly how to blend it with high-quality materials and professionalism. Keep reading to know all about this amazing ambiance!

Guided by the aspirations and aesthetics of its clients, Isabel Gómez Interiors is an interior design studio based in Brussels that inspires us endlessly. This team of interior designers and architects creates interiors that are both sophisticated and relaxed, celebrating the spirit of the people who inhabit them – as you can see in every ounce of space they work in.

The Interior Design Project

And, by the end of this article, you will know why Isabel Gomez Interiors never lets us down. Located in the heart of Brussels, this duplex apartment was remodeled for a modern atmosphere and we are in love with it!

Originally built in 1898, this old townhouse has a classical flair especially for the features that were kept, such as the beautiful ceilings, the marble fireplaces, the big wooden doors and, of course, the lovely city garden. However, with the right professionalism of this interior design studio, it was given such a beautiful modern twist that cannot be missed – thanks to their excellence and expertise.

Making it even more elegant and beautiful, it is now a home to some of Domkapa’s handcrafted designs. Can you guess which ones?

The goal of this interior design project was to bring the full potential out of this space and it was definitely achieved, don’t you agree? Every single detail matches with the other elements flawlessly, taking advantage of the space and having something to get interest about every time you move your eyes.

An open space is the go-to option if you want to make your home more sociable and modern. As you can see, a connection with the dining area and the kitchen through an open space will allow you to eliminate unnecessary structures within a home while encouraging free airflow.

For the designer in charge, quality over quantity allows to help design something that tells a story and evokes emotion for a unique interior which is a philosophy that gives us the right motivation we need to build the right solutions for our clients. Telling a story is nothing less than reflecting the owner’s personality and this home embodies exactly his good taste.

Combining distinct elements to satisfy any kind of desire for comfort, Disruption Sofa has some curved lines that are both attractive and sweet. Its ergonomic proportions and the modular system gave to the interior design team the opportunity of building an amazing sofa for a timeless space and according to the owner’s neers.

This effortless look is the magical representation of how effortlessly good a modern approach is when you have the right pieces, such as Disruption Sofa in the living room.

The outdoors are also a reason to be amazed by, as the backyard is something that we dream of during those hot days of summer, right? Oh, imagine those warm days, reading a book and enjoying the stunning weather! Or even seeing stars in the sky while having a good conversation with our friends and family – so dreamy!

This time, Isabel Gómez Interiors chosen Domkapa’s outdoor collection to optimize the space and bring such tranquility. This outdoor collection is perfect to relax and it is as comfortable as it looks. Its name is Copacabana and is available in every kind of version so you can build an outdoor space that is right for you. We dare you to try it!

Our Copacabana line from our Outdoor Collection is something that you must try at least once in your life, especially Copacabana Sofa. It seduces for its personality and its quality is something that we are oh-so-prouf of. The steel structure won’t oxidize, colors are treated to withstand the sun and the aesthetic is as strong as creativity allows.

Each module of Copacabana line will provide you the chance to give wings to your creativity and create an enchanting space, so you better hurry and order it now so you can enjoy summer with Domkapa.

The outcome of this special talent is always outstanding, as we always expect from Isabel Gomez Interiors. A modern home filled with charming details that combines different materials, shapes, patterns and textures while a balance of modern and eclectic styles are blended for a warm, welcoming vibe to each space.

We want to know all your thoughts about this wonderful project by Isabel Gómez Interiors – feel free to share them with us, we’re excited to hear them.


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Images: © Isabel Gómez Interiors