A Sample Box To Power Up Your Designs

Starting a new interior design project can be challenging sometimes, right? Especially when you do not have the exact materials and an idea of how you want to combine your style with the client’s needs, taste, and expectations. For this reason, we created a sample box that does have it all: a simple but sophisticated tool that will follow you during the process and give you the right inspiration you need to accomplish one more successful achievement of your life.

We know: you are not convinced yet. But you will be!

Everyone thinks that interior designing is an easy job, that you just need to put together all kinds of furniture and colours and that’s it. But we know that this profession is not easy at all. However, a sample box can simplify your process by giving you the materials you are going to use on the project.

You may be asking yourself why do you need a box with solid wood and other materials, all kinds of textiles and a big book full of upholstery products, right? Well, this tool will maximize your productivity without ever feeling the need of looking for something else.

For its functionality and diversity, you will be able to find the right fit for what you are looking for. A sample box is composed of every material each brand uses and if you’re a Domkapa lover, you may already know which kind of high-quality materials we use on our pieces:

  • Indoor Fabrics
  • Outdoor Fabrics
  • Solid Woods
  • Wood Veneers
  • Lacquers
  • Metals
  • Mirrors & Glasses

That’s right! All these materials in all kinds of colours for you to find the well-suited component you have been looking for.

Dare yourself to explore a sample box from Domkapa.

You will find all our high-quality materials and finishes and our product catalogue with all the information you need to conceive remarkable projects.

*this sample box is exclusive for professionals

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    Also, of course, there are a lot of circumstances and conditions when it comes to choosing a fabric, for the wide range of quality categories, standards and the client’s budget. And when you are ordering online, you need to keep in mind these elements. What is the best way to check the quality of the material before ordering a piece with it? A sample box.

    To complement this tool, Domkapa offers a catalogue as well – but it is not just another catalogue. Our catalogue provides you with inspiration enhanced by our products. Special details that will embellish your designs, different colours and styles, a mix of textures and patterns – you will have it all!

    “A sample box is the secret ingredient for a purposeful design.”

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