Living Area: Natural Lighting And Pops Of Color

The approach of allowing natural lighting in never fails: it makes every space a bright one especially if you mix it with natural high-quality materials. This is the lesson that this living room ambiance is here to teach us.

Of course, the living room needs to have a design that meets your needs but it also needs to encourage interaction and socialisation. And you can achieve a look with these conditions with the minor details: neutral ambiences with pops of colour in the upholstery, or even a simple architecture. That’s why Eva Armchair is the statement piece beside Inside Side Table.


We always wanted to honor the Portuguese traditional production techniques so we created Eva Armchair.

With Arno 31 and walnut stained ash, its structure has the pleasure to feature a rattan back and side, perfect to add a boho-chic touch to your design project. To amplify the beauty and comfort of this piece, two upholstered cushions are placed on the seat and back of the armchair to tell you a story about style, design and heritage. A craftsmanship masterpiece for elegant and simple decors.

Made with walnut matte and black texturized steel, Inside Side Table is here to help Eva tell a story of how beautifully our pieces can combine. High-quality materials and craftsmanship – it seems a love story, don’t you agree? Well, it is. A love story that shows us how a clean design of this contemporary creation can bring serenity into our home.

And we cannot pass to the following piece without telling you that Inside can be combined with a coffee table.



To support the social hub in the house, meet Pouf Grant. The construction of this pouf skillfully combines aesthetics and ergonomics to establish this as the go-to solution for every design project.

Designed for various functions, Grant is available in three different sizes to accomplish the final look you’ve always dreamed of. It features elegant piping in each corner of the piece, gracefully matching the two contrast piping that carefully hugs the entire pouf.

Composed by verdon 01 and tarn 21, Grant Pouf is a classic and elegant shape without giving up ergonomic comfort.


In front of Grant, you can find the Inside Side Table’s sister: Inside Coffee Table, with walnut matte and black texturized steel.

Inside has an x-shape in its legs making it the perfect different piece that you’re looking for. It is simple but not boring. And elegance is in the details, right?



And we are not over: we created a one-of-a-kind outdoor space to show you our versatility and creativity. This time with the special Eva Chair. Ready to meet her?

Made with fumé eucalyptus and arno 51 which provides that pop of color that we mentioned a few moments ago, Eva Chair owns a special identity thanks to the artisanal woven-work technique presented on its back. Soft lines contrast with traditional details.

This versatile seating piece will stand out in every room because of its soft lines and comfortable experience provided by the premium textiles applied. It’s a unique but simple design that will give a special character to every room.

This is how you can bring this lovely look into your home – the right fusion of high-quality materials and the perfect mature process of creativity. Comfort and elegance in one simple ambiance.


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