The Best Interior Designers In UAE

Today we are going to fly to one of the most admired countries in the world, known for being the best location to stop by when you love innovative architecture and luxury interiors.

It is time for you to discover the best in the interior design industry. These interior designers are the ones who you should look for when designing your dream home. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. Next stop: United Arab Emirates!


The first of this list of the best interior designers in UAE needed to be ROAR and you will see why!

ROAR is an interior design and architecture studio founded in 2013 by the talented architect Pallavi Dean. Based in Dubai, ROAR is known for redesigning experiences while designing spaces, nurturing the wild side we all have hidden in us – this is how they roar!

Image Credits: ROAR Studio

Making every minute count, this successful interior design studio works on an empathy philosophy: “What would it feel like to be in this space?”, where the client’s fears and wishes are always in the first place. His dreams come true when the wild and tame sides collide, considering each scientific, evidence-based fragment.

ROAR is proud to contribute to making a difference in the design industry and we couldn’t be more thankful for being so inspiring. A unique approach for the people, inspired by people.

Kristina Zanic

Talking about talented people: ladies and gentlemen, you need to meet Kristina Zanic – one of the most prominent figures in UAE.

With several years of experience, Kristina Zanic is an interior designer based in Dubai, who is fully committed to offering the best options for you, turning her into one of the most desirable designers. That’s right: you can’t expect anything, but exclusive spaces conceived just for you.

Image Credits: Kristina Zanic

Her design identity is influenced by a fusion of travel and exploration of foreign cultures for an eye-catching design. This relentless enthusiasm is divided into four services: interior design, property refurbishment, interior brand design and art consultancy – a complete package to bring to the table exactly what the client wants.

Kristina Zanic’s projects are an inspiration source worth diving into.

Keane Brands

Over 25 years ago, a multi-disciplinary company has born. They design, create and communicate restaurants as you have never seen before: Keane Brands.

Keane Brands counts on an experienced team who are at the top of their game to rejuvenate brands for products and places that people enjoy eating, drinking, staying, playing and shopping.

Image Credits: Keane Brands

In order to deliver a lifestyle-inspired design project, you must have the right tools and offer the right services, like Keane: brand experiences, brand design, brand strategy, new concept development, F&B & operational consultancy and, the best of all, interior design.

A natural modern aesthetic is defended by a creative interior design studio where a soothing atmosphere appears in the room.

XBD Collective

Renowned for bringing grandeur, now is time for XBD Collective to shine.

XBD interior design studio crafts living spaces inspired by human experiences, sharing a singular passion for transforming interiors to their best form through human engagement and how they can enhance their living experience.

Spaces are made for action and movement, and XBD works according to this philosophy combined with intelligence, and functional elements – that’s where the magic happens: a comfortable and aesthetic room is born.

Between interior design and architecture, this studio was founded by the Norwegian Designer Ellen Søhoel, having the most striking clientele in the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors who led this company to several international awards.


Image Credits: XBD Collective

CK Architects

From end-to-end bespoke solutions, space planning, and project management to construction, CK Architects has deep knowledge in the industry.

Image Credits: CK Architects

Based in Dubai, CK Architects seeks for the omnipresence of luxury while keeping a project comfortable and modern. Every project needs to be client-oriented, getting exactly what you need when you need it. Isn’t that amazing?

And you will find these risk-takers in three international offices with more than 100 design employees and that is why they win several awards in residential to commercial environments.

A single character, a unique service to the creation of opulent living spaces.

SAI Luxury Lifestyle

For the last one on this list of the best interior designers in UAE, where there’s seduction, there is luxury.

Image Credits: SAI Luxury Lifestyle

SAI Luxury Lifestyle is a multidisciplinary interior design studio based in Dubai that creates timeless spaces for residential and commercial approaches. Between this company’s services, they can deal with concept design, project management, budget control, interior styling, site inspection and product design.

Honouring the identity of the space, a beautiful merge between luxury and comfort is made in every place SAI designs, bringing out the finest luxury. SAI creates a tailored service, enduring value and timeless spaces, elevating quality, and craftsmanship.

These interior design studios have vast experience working on projects with a keen focus on detail and the client’s vision. This industry features an enormous quantity of wonderful interior designers and architects for you to meet and these are, surely, some of them. We are travelling the world, looking for what’s the best on the design planet. Do you want to join us?

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Featured Image Credits: Keane Brands

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