These Are The Best Interior Designers In USA

By now you can imagine that there are incredible interior designers worldwide, right? There are millions of inspirations you can take advantage of and create marvellous, valuable spaces that your client will love for a very long time.

Improving your knowledge and getting the right inspiration is what you need to do if you want to become an icon of interior design. We made an effort to show you who are the best sources of good projects and designers to keep an eye on this year. These are the best interior designers in the USA. Shall we see?

Barbara Barry

Established in 1985, Barbara Barry founded her own interior design firm in Los Angeles.

With a determining influence in the industry, Barbara is inspired by subtle colours and natural forms marked by elegant interiors and classic silhouettes focused on her client’s wishes, challenges and opportunities.

Raised in a family of painters, she challenges herself through interior design for commercial, residential, and retail environments and product design, with a capsule collection of furniture, pillows, mirrors, and rugs.

With a unique blend of sophistication, Barbara Barry inspires a life of beauty, revealing careful attention to craft and quality in each detail through a simple but versatile aesthetic.

Image Credits: Barbara Barry

Steven Gambrel

Image Credits: Steven Gambrel

Three years after earning a degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia, Steven  Gambrel founded SR Gambrel in 1996 and is nowadays recognized for his endless dedication and highly customized interiors.

Specialized in residential and commercial assets, Steven draws inspiration from vernacular architectural details around the place.  With a passion for timeless and comfortable homes that improve with age, its interior design serves the needs of its clients, offering them an exclusive design experience.

His dedication made him be honoured as one of “today’s greatest talents in Architecture and Design”, in Architectural Digest’s AD 100 and he will not stop here!

Nate Berkus

The third on this list of the best interior designers in USA is such an inspiration for us! Based in Chicago, Nate Berkus launched Nate Berkus Studio at the age of 24, transforming countless homes around the world.

Nate seeks to express his clients’ stories through interiors: who they’ve loved, what they’ve seen and where they hope to go next; which made him be recognized for his brilliant work.

A highly energetic and collaborative team beyond the name uses distinctive points of view to reach timelessness and refinement across each space.

Image Credits: Nate Berkus

“I believe your home should tell your story. What you love most collected and assembled in one place.”

Kelly Behun

Image Credits: Kelly Behun

For Kelly Behun, not even the sky is the limit. Kelly Behun Studio is based in New York City and it’s not only specialized in interiors but also in product design and decorative accessories.

Her perfectly tailored projects are conceived according to the needs and an emphasis on collaboration and individualized service. With the eye of a gallerist, Kelly’s aesthetics rely on visual and emotional appeal that reduces the chances of having a style to define her approach.

Kelly Behun Studio assumes deep connections to the art world and is always seeking new ways to integrate art into their client’s homes.

Gabellini Sheppard

Nowadays, Gabellini Sheppard Associates is recognized for its signature design aesthetic defined by sculptural materials and its experiential and functional value.

Based in New York City, this interior design and architectural studio counts with 35 professionals that work through a diverse range, from residential applications to contemporary art galleries.

This firm was founded in 1991 and mediates between the needs and desires of each space distinguishing its sculptural finesse, insightful simplicity and pure comfort – after all, it is the result of the ultimate luxury, right?

All you can expect from Gabellini is a minimal sensibility with the intent of designing clean and functional spaces complemented by intellectual rigour. The result is always opulent.

Image Credits: Gabellini Sheppard

The Designers Group

Image Credits: The Designers Group

The Designers Group, also known as TDG, is an interior design studio based in New York, Miami and Toronto, focused on the principle of designing with purpose. Renowned for its expertise and experience, TDG has gained a reputation for excellence in designing interiors across diverse industries such as healthcare, residential, hospitality, workplace, and senior living.

This studio is innovative and driven by a fluid and innovative design philosophy, having a commitment to sustainability, and embracing cutting-edge design and technology. TDG combines the best elements from various sectors to create thoughtful and functional spaces that foster positivity and productivity. Their commitment to sustainability shines through their work, fostering environments that inspire well-being.

With an unwavering dedication to their clients and a profound understanding of the power of purposeful design, TDG continues to redefine interior spaces, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and the communities they serve.

These designers are willing to meet you, your personality and your needs to originate a space that is yours in every perspective and that’s what makes them so special and inspiring.

Knowledge and improvement are made of a combination of what we see, share, and receive and we would love to know your list of the best interior designers in USA!

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Featured Image – Image Credits: Kelly Behun

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