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London is such an inspiring city! It is not only known for the famous Big Ben but also for its rich history and multicultural people that brighten the day. This melting pot of cultures brings every day new things to learn and new things to see as there are always new words and slang coming up.

When it comes to architecture and interior design, you will find that this city is full of character through its wide range of buildings and styles. You may find some medieval looks beside modern places that complement each other easily.

London always has a million things to do and places to see, so that’s why we bring you this pocket-sized travel guide through London – especially if you’re an interior designer or architect that needs inspiration. With our tips, you will be staying in a surprising hotel, eating delicious meals and seeing some of the famous spots in London. This trip is guaranteed to inspire your home and become an everlasting memory.

Best hotels to stay in

This selection of hotels will not only provide you with a good night of sleep but also a unique adventure amongst their every other amenity. The hotels you are about to see will give you another definition of luxury and cutting-edge contemporary design. Let yourself live nights to remember!

The London Edition

Image Credits: Nikolas Koenig

Designed by Ian Schrager, The London Edition is just beautiful – a new opportunity to discover the new generation of luxury. It was built originally in 1835 and it was once the home of King Edward VII and Carl Fabergé.

Located near Soho, The London Edition was established in a historic building that embodies the elegance and quiet confidence of the designer’s philosophy. The design mixes classic and modern lifestyles, paying tribute to the building’s history.

The place is grand and inviting for its theatrically aesthetic where guests take the leading roles. As soon as you enter it, you will feel a fine essence of the high-quality materials used in each detail of this 5-star Hotel.


Image Credits: Corinthia

Corinthia Hotel is the one if you are looking for something that makes you feel at home, where what lasts is celebrated and where a sophisticated design takes place.

It was designed by Francis Fowler and the refinement was reimagined by The GA Group. The main goal for the design was to keep the exterior and recognise its potential. The final result made Corinthia’s aesthetics inspiring – a comfortable place with a deep commitment to authentic craftsmanship with a timeless appeal.

The Beaumont

Image Credits: The Beaumont

The Beaumontthe enduring elegance of Mayfair. Established in 2014, The Beaumont offers a sophisticated feeling. With 50 rooms and 22 suites and studios, it aims for the old-world aesthetic and values in a fine Art Deco building.

This elegant hotel was designed by The Richmond and reflects a contemporary sense mixed with Art Deco inspired by historic references from the hotels of the 1920s. However, The Beaumont decided to refurbish its bars and restaurants and the chosen designer was the New Yorker Thierry Despont that brought a new meaning of luxury and comfort.

Amongst other amenities, you will have the opportunity to have relaxed dining, afternoon tea and classic cocktails or even enjoy the terrace for outside dinner. Amazing, right?

Where to eat

When it comes to food, London will surely not get you tired. You can expect such a wide diversity between different flavours and cuisines. Having lunch, dinner or even a cup of tea during the afternoon will be always exciting.

The Gallery at Sketch

Image Credits: Thomas Humery

The Gallery at Sketch has the perfect striking aesthetic. It was designed by the artist Yinka Shonibare and designer India Mahvani and the result is just beautiful.

An infusion between an extravagant Hollywood pink and the classic brasserie is truly creative. After all, they kept faithful to Sketch’s avant-garde philosophy.  It really makes us feel as if we were inside of a movie.

A monochromatic interior worth visiting and having a delicious meal. A special tip: its webpage lets you play with your food.


Image Credits: Frenchie

Frenchie is a restaurant with the best of both worlds: refinement and comfort. It has a special elegant Parisian spirit while a relaxed mood flows around. This could only be possible with Emilie Bonaventure, which joined in a marvellous journey of discovering the perfect look to represent the place.

This delicious restaurant is owned by the chef Greg Marchand that wanted to show Londoners what Frenchie is capable of.

It feels like it was conceived for a design lover but you will change your mind after you visit this place. The design is beautiful like no other, yes, but please try Frenchie’s exquisite set menu. Make yourself this favour!

Silo London

Image Credits: Sam A. Harris

We bring you Silo London for its stylish look. It is a welcoming restaurant that you must see. Silo London shows great respect for ingredients and aims to become the world’s first zero-waste restaurant, which is impressive.

This restaurant was designed by the Londoner Nina+Co Design Studio which offered a lavish design through a minimalistic style using a neutral palette and natural materials that inspire us every day.

Chef Douglas McMaster is telling us that the future is now!

What you must visit

You can’t miss not even one place we bring you in this section! Visiting London is always sensational, and these places are surely a must-do if you are a design lover. Between events and museums – you have it all!

Decorex London

Image Credits: Decorex

If you’re planning on going to London between October 9th and 12th, you should get inspired by visiting Decorex International, in Olympia London. It is the best destination for a design lover as it hosts several furniture and accessory brands around the world that aim for the future of craftsmanship in every day of an interior designer.

And Domkapa will be there too, as every year. After all, we want to be close with our customers which made our growth journey successful. We will be in Stand F155 waiting for you, and we are excited to share with you the perfect meeting between comfort and design.

Book a meeting and have an authentic experience with Domkapa.

London Design Museum

Image Credits: Luc Boegly & Sergio Grazia / Source: Arch Daily Brasil

Founded in 1989 by Sir Terence Conran, London Design Museum brought a revolution into the design world. Counting nowadays with several programmes for you to learn and see, this museum invites everyone to experience and reflect on the impact of the design.

It was relocated to a marvellous modern landmark in Kensington where it received more than 2 million visitors since its opening. The European Museum of the Year 2018 stands for making a visible impact on design and building public awareness by connecting design with people’s lives and passions.

It is the world’s leading contemporary design museum, and you will know why if you visit it.

Saatchi Gallery

Image Credits: Erco

Saatchi Gallery is anything but boring. It collaborates with artists and provides an innovative platform for contemporary art and culture. Saatchi strives to present projects in physical and digital spaces that are engaging and educational for a wide range of audiences.

Where to shop

You can’t visit London without visiting the following amazing furniture stores! You will find the true meaning of craftsmanship and products made with care and passion.

Fabiia Interiors

Image Credits: Fabiia Furniture & Lighting

Founded by the creative interior designer Shija Walia and her husband Dr. Jiten Walia, Fabiia Interiors hosts authentic design and high-quality materials.

Fabiia Interiors works especially for interior designers who aim for beautiful interiors through exclusive materials with special details. This marvellous store has a people-first philosophy – every client, every collaborator, every partner comes first – which will ensure you a tailored experience that will amaze you in many ways.

Sweet Pea and Willow

Sweet Pea and Willow is a beautiful luxury furniture and accessory boutique that was founded in 2006. This store inspires every homeowner to be the home decor of their dreams at affordable prices, having a carefully curated selection of the finest elements.

With Sweet Pea and Willow, you can expect endless interior design inspiration that will upgrade your home designs.

Astounding Battersea Showroom

You’re just going to love Astounding Interiors’ new showroom!

Astounding Interiors is an interior design studio based in London that offers intelligent and ergonomic design, especially in commercial fields: restaurants, bars, hotels, home bars, gastro pubs, nightclubs, and many others. It provides a tailored service with 16 years of experience in high-quality venues.

This year, Astounding Interiors decided to bring a showroom for their clients to see in person some of their favourite furniture pieces and brands. We saw a sneak peek of the showroom and, trust us, you don’t want to miss it!

What did you think about these suggestions? You can always count on Domkapa to receive the most luxurious and phenomenal places to visit, sleep and eat. Make sure you schedule your unforgettable design experience through the design world here. We will see you at Decorex – Stand F155!


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