An Insider’s View: What You Missed At Decorex 2023

We just came back from Decorex and it never ceases to inspire! Attending this tradeshow was an experience like no other, where innovation, luxury, and inspiration converged in one spectacular event. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new customers, share experiences and demands with our partners and find new ones in the midst of successful brands and marvelous designers that we will not forget.

If you had the chance to visit our stand, we would like to thank you – your presence made our experience truly special, and we greatly appreciate your interest in our pieces. We hope you found inspiration and beauty in our handcrafted furniture and design solutions. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to share our vision with you!

In this article, we gathered our highlights from this amazing tradeshow, so you can remember every detail from our presence – our stand, pieces and team. Also, if you couldn’t attend this event, this is your chance to see what you missed at Decorex 2023. Keep reading to discover more about this celebration of design in London!

As you may know, tradeshows are very important to us. It is the best way to meet our clients and show how comfortable our pieces are! This year, we are delighted to say that we had great feedback from everyone who passed by our stand. The colors, design, comfort and functionality of our pieces were highly praised by everyone who tried them and we couldn’t be happier to know that!

Between renowned and highly talented interior designers and architects, we also had the pleasure of receiving some special guests in our stand. My Tiny Estate, Abi from the These Four Walls Blog, Cara Sutherland and Pia Orr from the Finnterior Designer Blog were some of the most amazing visits we had and we were delighted to talk to them and show our new pieces – it was very inspiring!

We also had the opportunity to interview Pia Orr and we can’t wait to show you all the details!

Distinguished Products By Our Visitors

Besides taking some of our most iconic pieces to Decorex, we also brought some pieces from our most recent collection. With no doubt, our new products were the stars of our stand and we loved to hear what our visitors had to say about them! Here are their favourites:

Beaumont Sofa

Beaumont Sofa’s single-motion opening system was one of the biggest attractions of our stand. Everyone who tried this sofa, was very surprised when we told them it was also a bed – almost everyone said that it was too comfortable to be a sofa bed! Also, you don’t have to take the pillows off of this piece, so you don’t need to worry about having a place to put them. An amazing and innovative sofa, don’t you agree?

It was presented upholstered in Helmand 11 and it is one of the most functional pieces we ever had, for sure!

Edward Sofa

We decided to show how functional and versatile our pieces can be through our Edward modular sofa. We combined five elements to build a unique and comfortable sofa and it was a success! This combination was composed of: one corner module, one central module and two complements (headrest, side table, magazine rack). We asked our visitors to try this sofa and everyone was delighted and amazed by its comfort and coziness.

Upholstered with weaves Arno 51 and with some details in Rupert Camel and Black Matte Lacquered, Edward Sofa caught the visitors’ interest by its capacity to offer maximum compositional adaptability.

Alexander Armchair

Presented in Rupert Forest Synthetic Leather, our Alexander Armchair invited everyone to sit! Every detail of this piece was a highlight – our visitors loved the cross-stitched seam, the additional support padding in the back, held up by a metallic opulent counterweight in Gold Brushed Stainless Steel and the swivel base. This last detail left every visitor in awe because the swivel base of Alexander has the ability to always bring the armchair to the exact same position as it was.

The Alexander Ottoman was present in the exact same materials and cross-stitching and these two pieces together expressed our handcraft tradition and unique craftmanship.

These were definitely our most loved pieces of the stand however, we brought some more amazing products that received lots of compliments! Our Avery Pouf, Adley Pouf, Henry Bench, Vincent Bench and Carter Bar Chair were some of the new pieces we presented at this Decorex edition to our clients and visitors and we believe everyone loved every detail of them! Check them out:

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the selection of chairs we showcased in our stand! Carter Chair with armrests was presented upholstered in Logone 651 and Black Ash and it gave us the opportunity to show how you can have a chair and bar chair from the same collection in your home.

The Anna Chair gave us the opportunity to show one of our biggest advantages: all our pieces are handcrafted so you can customize each detail! We had two Anna Chairs at our Decorex’s stand: with and without armrests and two different bases. Anna Chair with armrests had a back of Rupert Siena and a seat of Arno 51. On its structure, you could find Fumé Stained Ash. When it comes to Anna Chair without the arms support, you could find a seat made of Helmand 11 and Gold Brush Stainless Steel on the base.

Ruth Chair was presented in Verdon 03 and Walnut Stained Ash and it is a very comfortable and embracing chair, for sure! By its side, you could find our Vianna Chair in Project Light Grey and Walnut Stained Ash and our Louise Chair in Arno 10 and Black Ash.

A selection for every taste, don’t you agree?

When it comes to the accessories, we presented our Inside Coffee Table in Fumé Eucalyptus and Black Texturized Steel on its legs. One detail we like to emphasize is the texturized steel legs with an x-shape base creating an optical illusion.

The Panton Side Table, a versatile piece that can be customized in its elements, was also a very noticed piece.

Ralph Hanger was also showcased and it is a fully metallic hanger with style and sophisticated design without losing the functional side demanded from a furniture piece! The vintage style tray in Albany Terral Leather detail rotates 360º and the three tall tubes are in Black Texturized Steel.

We also can’t finish this article without giving a special thanks to our amazing sales team, who did a wonderful work at Decorex and we couldn’t be more grateful and proud of them! Thank you, team, for your support!

To capture all these special moments, Pedro Machado Photography and Bruno Couto Filmmaker had our back; so, Pedro and Bruno, thank you so much for your presence and for catching such amazing and nice moments!

We hope we didn’t forget any highlights from Decorex! If you have more, feel free to let us see them!

Once again, we would like to thank you for visiting Domkapa’s stand at Decorex and celebrating design with us! Your visit added a special touch to our experience, and we’re truly grateful for your interest in our craftsmanship and design. If you found inspiration here, we’ve achieved our goal. Let’s stay connected and turn those design dreams into reality!

During the tradeshow, our sales team shared our contact information with our visitors. If you haven’t had the chance to attend the show, we are available at the e-mail for commercial proposals and for marketing and press proposals!

Image Credits: Pedro Machado Photography

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