Modern Interiors: The Ultimate Guide

The modern interior design is a distinct style related to the mid-twenty century where occurred a historical aesthetic movement and found its roots in German and Scandinavian design. Known for its simple and unadorned attributes, this one is characterized by clean lines, natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and natural light. And the main philosophy of this style is to choose elements that reflect its purpose. So if you have decor items that don’t have a purpose – a function – it’s time for you to get rid of them. Functionality over fashion.


It is often confused with the contemporary style; however, you can find the difference between them especially because contemporary interiors use a wide range of colors what doesn’t happen in the modern style.

If you’re thinking of accomplishing that modern look you’ve always dreamt of before, this is your sign: Domkapa is here to share the best guide for a stunning modern home decoration so you don’t get overwhelmed. Keep reading!


First of all, eliminate every fussy adornment.

Following the idea of function, clear out every single home decor item that doesn’t have a purpose in your room. This way you’ll have a clean, simple interior with no fussy adornments.

Imagine this: once you eliminate every fussy adornment, you’ll start to get to know more and more about your home and you’ll see that your home needs special care to look organized, clean space, and yet, so homely. The following suggestion is about that.


Furniture with clean lines is the way to go


The main characteristics of the use of modern design in home decor are the strong horizontal and vertical lines. It will help you to create uncluttered spaces which is the main idea of modern interiors. You’ll have a completely different room which will endure over the years.

Sometimes, having a lot of furniture makes us unorganized with everything all over the place. And the worst: empty spaces that we fill with items that don’t belong in those drawers or boxes, right? That’s why minimal ornamentation is an awesome solution for you to follow. It will help you to have all the things organized in their own place making a room that will leave longer and will be trendy forever.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are used abundantly in design because they are everything but boring; especially if you’re going to layer different hues of the same color for a sophisticated look.

When combined in the right way, furniture and home decor details in monochromatic, neutral tones are enough to support any style. Neutral palettes are always a must in order to provide a soothing atmosphere and visual relief to your interior design project.
Modern design sticks for the clean lines, geometric forms, clear spaces, and function but also for the neutral bright walls. The use of white is common in this style.

These colors need to be chosen according to the space itself and with the adornments the room will have, how much light from the outside it will receive, and, of course, your taste. Which one do you like more: lighter or darker spaces?


Natural Materials


Think about a combination of traditional building and design materials, like wood, stone, and brick. Bring them together and you’ll have the perfect aesthetics with function. The interiors would look richer and bolder full of glamour.

Natural materials will get nature inside and enhance the heritage of the materials’ quality.

Are you ready to refurbish your home decor with some modern pieces?

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