Only For Design Lovers: A Travel Guide To Milan

Ciao! Today is the first day of one of the biggest design trade shows in the design industry: Salone del Mobile, in Milan, so we decided to offer you a Travel Guide for you to take maximum potential of the city. Between June 7th and 12th, you will have the freedom to find all about the trends, new brands and everything about interior design.

Milan is known for its strong impact on design and fashion and we couldn’t pass this possibility to show you how you can take advantage of this city! So if you’re a design lover, stay tuned and uncover the best places to visit, eat and sleep. Thank us later!

To Sleep

Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa

Image Credits: Agoda

Palazzo Parigi Hotel is one of the most beautiful and elegant hotels we have ever seen. This delightful property is a few minutes from the fashion district and from the best places to visit. This hotel was designed by Paola Giambelli, the Italian architect and owner, who offered the place an intimate touch blended with luxury that we can find all over the place.

In Palazzo Parigi Hotel you will be lucky to immerse yourself through the authentic Milanese gastronomy in inspiring spaces of the dining and bar area; be part of a world-class exclusivity in the accommodation, while getting the best of Milan’s skyline views. And you can also experience one of the finest oasis of the city: the spa and fitness, for you to take care of your body and soul – a space to regenerate, the perfect tonic away from all the life’s clutter.

Park Hyatt Milano

Image Credits: Kayak

Next to the most famous attractions of Milan, there is Park Hyatt Milano: a luxury hotel designed by Ed Tuttle and architect Flaviano Capriotti. With 106 bedrooms, this hotel is pet-friendly (yes, you can bring your best friends!) and features a delicious restaurant and a cocktail bar. Also, you can participate in gastronomic events of food and wine (there’s the chance for you to level up your cooking skill!).

When it comes to design, Park Hyatt Milano is elegant and spacious. You will find meticulous attention to detail with local influences allowed to emerge, making it unique. Ed Tuttle gathered the best high-end artisans for the fabrics and materials, and Flaviano Capriotti gave it away from his distinctive Italian flavour on the bar design. Finally, the professional Italian nose of Laura Tonatto provided the fragrances infused through the rooms.

Excelsior Hotel Gallia

Image Credits: Marriott

Excelsior Hotel Gallia is the landmark for high-quality art deco, designed by the Italian Studio Marco Piva. Next to the popular designer shopping district, it is linked to Milan’s history of excellence – a great example of style and elegance featured with the welcoming hospitality we all look for when we choose a hotel.

On the lobby, you will discover a hidden cigar bar that adds a mystique to this historic hotel and an exclusive gallery of famous face photos signed by the president of the Association of Italian Professional Photographers, Giovanni Gastel. A marvellous restaurant and bar take place over the rooftop helmed by chefs Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano, the two brothers that are responsible for the traditional Italian recipes with a modern flair.

To Eat

Berton Ristorante


Image Credits: Ristorante Berton

Following the chef’s philosophy, Berton Ristorante is intimate, rigorous and elegant, where the kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, and the clients are the soul. Andrea Berton is back in the kitchen highlighting his tasting menu of modern Italian cuisine.

Located in the neighbourhood of Porta Nuova Varesine, conceived by Kohn Pedersen Fox, Berton was designed by Vudafieri Saverino, in 2013. This design studio gave life to a composition of materials such as paper, wood, cement and metal to create a love story about food and design, where gastronomy is preponderant in a soothing atmosphere where large windows let as much natural light in as possible.


Image Credits: Flawless Life

The chef Claudio Sadler reinvented classic Italian gastronomy with innovation and character, where the perfect balance between traditional cuisine and a personal contemporary style is the highlight.

Milan is the home of style and good taste and this prestigious space is the proof. Sadler Restaurant has an environment both sophisticated and comfortable, where each element is present for a purpose, for the joy of textures – a luscious and delicious place you don’t want to miss.

Giacomo Arengario Milano

 Image Credits: Lombardia Secrets

For the readers who love to appreciate a delicious meal with a view, Giacomo Milano is your best option. You will have the opportunity to uncover all the stories and mysteries of Duomo Di Milano.

Arengario is influenced by the prestigious building that houses it, where the focus goes to the stunning deco architecture, with a magnific sense of a special atmosphere away from the crowds. The exterior contributes to the design of the interior, where you will note black lacquered wood and mirrors for a mystical purpose. A few paces away, the dining room is embellished with golden wood and a coffered ceiling.

To Visit

Duomo Di Milano

Image Credits: Hellotickets

The Duomo di Milano or the Milan Cathedral is the cathedral church of Milan, dedicated to the Nativity of St Mary. Conceived by the Italian architect Simone da Orsenigo, it is a remarkable place if you love gothic, renaissance architecture.

Duomo Di Milano features an incredibly welcoming vibe and beautiful coloured-glass windows that reflect an ethereal light on the cathedral’s floor that cannot go unnoticed.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II

Image Credits: Let’s Enjoy Italy

The Vittorio Emanuelle II Gallery was designed by Giuseppe Mengoni and it was one of the first European galleries to use glass on the ceiling. Some details were conceived by different artists representing art, agriculture and science featuring amazing architectural details you will never forget.

It is in this gallery where you can find remarkable places such as Campari, Caffè Ristorante Biffi, Bocca Library, high-fashion stores and the Town House Galleria.

Alla Scala Theatre

Image Credits: GetYourGuide

Alla Scala Theater is one of the most important opera theatres throughout the world and it was built by order of Maria Theresia Walburga Amalia Christina von Österreich to replace Regio Ducale Theather, destroyed by a fire. It has also a museum that features important pieces of art, such as paintings, drawings, documents and statues related to opera.

During Salone del Mobile, these are the opera events that this theatre will host: La Gioconda and Members of the Teatro Alla Scala Orchestra. We advise you to buy the tickets in advance, as they sell out quickly.

Porta Sempione

Porta Sempione, or the Simpton Gate, is the city gate of Milan and it is marked by a triumphal neoclassic arch called Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace) which was the gate of the Roman walls of Milan.

Located in Piazza Sempione (Simplon Square), this place provides panoramic views and arch pictures of major events of Europe’s history and classical mythologic subjects such as Mars, Ceres, Minerva, Apollo, and Victoria-Nike.

Image Credits: Wikipedia

If you’re in Milan for Salone del Mobile, we would love to know what you think about these places. Do you know other ones that fit in this travel guide for a design lover? Share them with us. Buon viaggio, Godetevi la vostra visita!

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