Turim Oporto Hotel: Elevated Comfort, Endless Excellence

Right in the heart of Porto, Portugal, the essence of Domkapa’s craftsmanship has found its way into a welcoming hotel project, gracing the interiors with a touch of cosy elegance! We are talking about the stunning Turim Oporto Hotel, a four-star hotel where each handcrafted piece represents a combination of comfort, functionality and excellence.

We are very proud to be part of this interior design project with our upholstery pieces chosen carefully to adorn the lobby. We couldn’t not share it with you, so we bring you the outcome of this hotel project and the truly immersive guest experience it will offer!

Turim Oporto Hotel is located in the centre of Porto, one of the oldest tourist destinations in Europe. The hotel has 100 rooms and its design was inspired by the city traditions, such as the Port Wine and the unbelievably good gastronomy.

As you can see, the colour palette of the lobby is mainly composed of neutral tones and red accents, which creates a great contrast between luxury and warmth. Our armchairs and sofas, with their curved silhouettes, invite guests to unwind in style. Upholstered in high-quality fabrics that mirror the warm tones of the surroundings, these pieces create a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

Every detail, from the curved seating to the carefully chosen colour palette, contributes to an ambience of refined comfort and timeless elegance in the lobby of Turim Oporto Hotel.

One of our most comfortable pieces can be found in this project: the Edison Armchair. All we can say is: when you try this armchair you will immediately know why it is the epitome of comfort and style combined!

Both the back and the seat present a slight curve to upgrade your level of relaxation when sitting on the Edison Armchair. Its four-leg structure in black texturized steel supports the upholstered seat for a simple yet eye-catching piece that will enhance the beauty of every design project.

Edison Armchair can fit both residential and contract projects and it’s customizable in every element.

Situated in a more discreet area of the Turim Oporto Hotel lobby, you can find our Chloe Sofa – an outstanding design piece with striking aesthetic balance and refined materials.

Available in two-seater, three-seater, and chaise-longue versions, it stars a wooden or metallic base and upholstered seat and backrest that can elevate any room. A stitched line divides the piece for easy assembling and transport while double-top stitching is seen across the sofa for a luxury touch.

The soft curves prevail throughout every element of the Chloe Sofa making this a statement piece in any project!

To make this lobby even better, soft, ambient lighting casts a gentle glow, accentuating the curves and textures of the furniture while creating a welcoming atmosphere. We are truly proud to be part of this amazing hotel and very are honoured to see our pieces in such successful interior design projects!

Image Credits/Photography: Turim Oporto Hotel


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