A Generous Approach To Interior Design By Luna Design

Do you know that saying “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”? This article is about that. It features one of the most generous people we ever met, allied to an excellent know-how that cannot go unnoticed; it resumes an experienced path of 14 years across different projects and it will redefine the meaning of generosity in a special way. You will see why soon. Dear readers, meet the next Inspiring Interior Design Professional of our series: Alicia Perez, from Luna Design.

Alicia Perez is a Spanish interior designer that founded Luna Design in Doha, a company focused on high-quality interior design, where every project is delivered with distinction, making you feel special and unique. Alicia has the ability of putting her passion and dedication in everything so any challenge can not resist to such natural talent, especially when combined with people with the same mindset.

Every day is like an adventure with reasons to inspired by, as she founds it in all forms and shapes. However, what keeps her inspired the most is travelling: “This is about giving me the opportunity to confront some of my more deeply ingrained beliefs while also growing my “visual library,” in my opinion. One of the most important aspects of being a design researcher is self-reflection and awareness. There isn’t a better approach to achieve it than by adjusting to a new environment.”

The designer has a relationship-oriented approach, so you will always feel comfortable with her. She will always guide you to what is the best path to follow, especially when you are willing to spend to seek quality and happiness. It can be always demanding finding the right way to translate the client’s vision into reality but nothing is too difficult around Alicia.

“Like in any business, our clients are the most important factor. But not all clients are the same, we cannot avoid dealing with difficult clients. But the project doesn’t have to be a complete disaster just because you and your client don’t agree on everything. We must make sure that all communication is crystal clear and documented in order to maintain professionalism and productivity.”

Every project is taken care with careful planning, managing risks and with efficient communications with the design team (and others involved) or the client. And everything will make sense. Everything will have Alicia’s passion reflected and it will affect the client’s lifestyle for the better, for sure. After all, everything looks (and is) marvellous with her around.

Everyone jumps on board regarding trends and the design professional is not different. However, Alicia Perez and her team also seeks beauty and quality; finding the meeting point between their signature style and something that is unique and personal to the client. For this reason, it is not surprising that her company was awarded with 7 awards now, right?

However, the most project she is most proud of is located in Doha: The Pearl. This luxury residence embodies art and luxury living itself. With a spectacular view of the Persian Gulf, this project combines premium furniture and rich materials, where every corner has something to offer.

Nowadays, Alicia Perez impacts every little decision with her magic and talent: “When we see the passion that is poured into the space reflected in our client’s eyes, we know we have tapped into something much bigger than design itself. Seeing your design visions to reality and realizing that you have shared something valuable out into the world is what gives me a sense of fulfilment.”

Working every day with people like Alicia is what gives us strength to keep going and providing the best products to our clients. Step by step, Alicia Perez teaches us how to have such generosity as hers. She is inspiring, optimistic, and professional and we couldn’t be more grateful for having her presence by our side.

“It has always been a pleasure and fantastic experience working with you! We’ve always loved Domkapa, and we think your products are really in line with our sense of style and taste. Future collaboration with you is something we look forward to!”

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