Discover The Interior Design Trends for 2022

New year always brings us the promise of fresh starts and plenty of new opportunities to take advantage of, new goals to achieve and always a new trend to follow. And we just love trends as they inspire us and help us to fulfill our clients’ needs and taste. We got back to work and brought you what is trending in 2022

From wabi-sabi, passing through organic modern style, to brutalist interior design, people just know what they are looking for and what they need for their home decor. These styles have many things in common and these exactly characteristics are what are going to be trendy this year. Let’s meet them?

Natural Materials

The world of design is rebelling against fast fashion and non-sustainable materials so they’re looking for incorporating long-lasting pieces with a design that is timeless. We will note even more the use of materials and textures less formal which fits perfectly in every style of an interior design project. This feature is also known for raw materials and it will make your space live longer.

Bringing The Outdoors In

The pandemic brought us bad things but not only: it taught us to value nature and natural lighting – and that’s what this trend is all about: natural lighting.

This trend brings so much purity and a relaxing sensation, especially if composed with light-friendly reflector elements, like light colors, shiny surfaces, the right flooring, clean windows, glass, and light furniture.

Home design with access to daylight will feel much more comfortable.

A Connection To Earth

There’s an artsy good-looking touch in the new wave of earthy tones in order to upgrade the aesthetic of the home. It looks amazing when you mix the earth tones and the use of natural lighting making your home decor a contemporary space.

Earth tones are one of the most colour schemes easy to use and they will give you a feeling of authenticity mainly known in organic modern interior design style.

This trend of nature tones reminds us of how magical mother nature is and how soothing and homely are these colours. It’s time for you to maintain visual interest in your home and bring creativity a notch higher!

Comforting Curves

Sofas with seductive curves, chairs with a soft touch, you know what we’re talking about! People are still looking for injecting personality in the image of a home recurring to furniture with subtle shapes and avoiding rigid forms.

Usually, curves make draw your attention to a particular feature in the room but they can be also useful if you want to add length to an area especially if you know how to use the power of the curves aesthetically.

So if you want your home to look warm and cosy, use curved elements through simple silhouettes combined with textured materials in order to make a strong and meaningful impact.

Textured Surfaces

Using textured fabrics brings a different accent to every home, especially when combined with geometric shapes. This trend is definitely, a provocative way to get your personality flowing and to produce a rich scheme. It doesn’t have to be obvious but it’s these subtle differences that you see as your eyes move that will make you adore your home.

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