Fall Into Cozy: Transform Your Home For Autumn

Autumn is here and it’s time to transform your home to welcome this season in the coziest way! The bright colors of the leaves begin to change to warmer colors, while the air becomes colder – it’s the transition from the vibrant energy of summer to the warmth and comfort of autumn happening right in front of our eyes.

With all of these transformations come new trends in the interior design world. Always including the earthy colors that remind us of the change of the leaves to the cozy textures that create a sense of comfort, we bring you the innovative ideas and timeless classics that are trending now.

If you are seeking to transform your home for autumn, this article is for you!

Soft Feeling

As mentioned before, Autumn is a season that asks for a warm and comfortable embrace in your home, and, when it comes to textiles, the soft and plush ones are the best choices for that soft feeling!

Upholstered furniture and accessories in velvet are a must-have, of course! And don’t forget to add a pop of color – especially in earthy tones – to create a harmony between comfort and style.

Add oversized armchairs and wooden furniture pieces and you will have that soft feeling all over your home! Take a look at our suggestions so you can get this look with our amazing pieces.

Shinto Sofa

Megan Armchair

Panton Coffee Table

Earthy Tones

Autumn has a very specific color palette that turns homes into cozy spaces. These tones are inspired by the beauty of nature but also have a touch of elegance. This year the earthy tones are a must but there is a new trend: honey tones – its golden yellows and soft browns will take the spotlight and immerse throughout the interiors.

And now you ask: how can I bring these tones to my home? We have the answer for you: by incorporating natural elements that remind us of the outside colors and pairing them with warm and cozy textures! We selected the right pieces to get this look right.

Stella Sofa

Pearl Armchair

Angles Pouf

Bringing Back Mid-Century

One of the trends for 2023 was the comeback of the 70s style and it will be no different for the Autumn trends. The mid-century modern design is here to stay and, in this season, it will embrace the nostalgic feeling of the interiors through handcrafted furniture and armchairs with bold shapes.

To complete the look, invest in earthy tones and retro-inspired decoration. You will have a space that integrates the past with the mid-century and the present with the modern style!

Stranger Chair

Chloe Sofa

Greta Armchair

All in all, Autumn is about embracing warmth and comfort in everything we do, especially in our home. If you follow these trends and combine them with the elements nature has to offer, you will achieve an interior with personality and comfort for this season.

If you try any of these trends in your next interior design project, don’t forget to share it with us by sending it to! We also would love to know your opinions on our selection, so please leave us a comment in the section below.


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